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USA og England

Slang fra A-Z

Alternative English

Cracking wise - A slang Dictionary

Alaskan Lingo

Louisiana lingo

Yat-speak (New Orleans)

Texas Talk

Richard Smith's Compendium of Britishisms

British - American dictionary

Words that could be embarrassing & confusing in the UK & US

London slang A-E

Londont slang F-N

London slang O-R

London slang S-Z

UK Slanguage

Cockney Rhyming Slang-to-English

Cockney dictionary

New Words in English


Andre land

Everyday English and slang in Ireland

Scots on the Wab - English -> Scots 700 Word Vocabulary

Aussie slang and phrase dictionary

Australiana - An Insight Into Australian Slang

De Bermewjun Dicshunairy (Bermuda)

An American's Guide to Canada- Canadianisms

Kiwi (New Zealand) Words & Phrases

New Zealand Expressions

Rasta/Patois Dictionary (Jamaica)

YUSH Ponline Dancehall Slanguage (Reggae)

Singlish (Singapore)


Stoff og gjenger

Drug slang

Street drug slang

Homeboyz guide to street slang

Street gang slang

Rap dictionary

Rap dictionary - places and names


Cowboyer og blåjakker

Cowboy Slang

Cowboy Insults

Cowboy Lingo

Western slang

Civil War Era Slang

Dictionary of Civil War slang

Civil war soldier vocabulary



Castles Glossary

Feudal dictionary

A Basic Chaucer Glossary

Shakespearian glossary

Ye Olde English Sayings



Vietnam veteran's terminology and slang

Vietnam artillery terms and tactics

Naval Terminology, Jargon and Slang FAQ



College slang A - H

College slang I - P

College slang R - Z

Short college slang dictionary

Usenet college slang dictionary

Cambridge University Jargon



Politi og røver

A prisoner's dictionary

Glossary of prison slang

Cockney villains

Hardboiled slang

Juvenile prison slang

Mobspeak glossary

NYPD Blue Glossary

Cop lingo from Houston

Court TV Glossary



Dictionary of Advertising

101 Investment Terms You Should Know

VARIETY Show biz slang


Sport og spill

American football Glossary

Basketball Glossary

Surfer slang

Basics of Surfing (Hawaiian Style)

Hockey Glossary

Inline Skating Slang

Las Vegas lingo

Mountain bike slang

Dan's Poker Dictionary

Dictionary of Roadie Slang (sykling)

David's Wrestling Paper

The climbing dictionary

Glossary- Horse Racing Terminology A

Glossary- Horse Racing Terminology B-C

Glossary- Horse Racing Terminology D-E

Glossary- Horse Racing Terminology F-G

Glossary- Horse Racing Terminology H-K

Glossary- Horse Racing Terminology L-P

Glossary- Horse Racing Terminology Q-R

Glossary- Horse Racing Terminology S-T

Glossary- Horse Racing Terminology U-Z



Beer Terms

Clothing (UK)

Food, Drink, & Drugs (UK)

Television & Radio & children's book (UK)

Cavers Slang Dictionary

Barry Ulanov's Jazz Glossary

The Slanguage of Swing

Occult Dictionary

Gay slang

Politically correct jargon

South pole lingo

Truck Driving Slang


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