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Ah Ba Then
1.Refer to "Ah Then".

1.Wat izzit
An-chua! Not happy har??!! (Army jargon)

Bang Balls
1.You planned for something, but the result was unpredictable.
Usually, with an element of irony.
Rico: Eh wah lau eh, i bang balls sia!!!
Ah Beng: eh why??
Rico: I offer this girl cigarette, she throw away my whole box!!
Ah Beng: eh u
goot ah??

Buey Song
1.Don't like
U know , i really buey song the way you eat , so dirty !!

C mi tong tong
1.Literally, it means "What".
Programmer : Aa ... friend ah .... do u know Windows 95 is coming?
Hawker : c mi tong tong???

Chao keng
1.Think alot so that you don't have to do alot
Wah! evelybody also doing work,why oou hide inside that korner hah? Basket,chao keng right!

Chao bia
1.Study very hard in the last minutes,especially during the exams time.
Aah, tomorrow exams alady leh,tonite i must chao bia alady.

Cere or not
1.Sure or not.It is just the way that some people pronounce it.
2.Usually the reply is
Ah Then or Ah Ba Then.
Ah Teck : U cere or not???
Ah Cat : Ah Ba Then!!

Chiak Pah Boey?
1.Eaten already? or Makan already?
2.Hokkien version of greeting belted out from someone.
3.Reply usually is:"Chiak Pah Liau!" or "Makan already-lah!"
Ah Kau : Ah Chek, Chiak Pah Boey?
Ah Chek : Chiak Pah Liau.
Ismail : Encik, makan already?
Encik : Makanted already-lah.

Chek Ark
1.Very inhuman, enjoy increasing other's misery
Ah Lau very Chek Ark, I alady(already) so cham , he somemore
go and Sabo me from behind.
(Meaning: Ah Lau is so cruel and inhuman, that in spite of my misery, he sabotage me behind my back.)

Chinese helicopter
1.Chinese educated
Rumour has it that a recruit was trying to explain to his officer that he was Chinese educated. The officer, being a bit blur, put down Chinese helicopter.
Re: Chinese Helicopter. (emote:reads the entry again in disbelief) What rubbish!! Anyone who read "Eh Goondu" by Paik Choo would agree that her verison is much better (doesn't matter which one is actually true tight?) Anyway, according to her,the recruit in question is asked by an officer to expalin his poor command of English (here inclusive of anything ending in -glish), the recruit says that he was "Chinese helucated."
Hah! Isn't that much better?

Chow Kuan
1.One kind of attitude, usually bad or simply greedy.
Yeeek, you so "chow kuan". Even toilet paper in the public toilet also want to take.

2.Mostly use by the Ah Beng species whilst squatting down on the roadside.
When a
jude girl walks by they all start making that funny noise with their lips.
The girl ignores them:
Ah Beng Leader: CHsst Chsst Chssst
Girl walks on.
Ah Beng Leader: Wah Dao Ah!!

Don know happy like wat!!
1.It is a direct translation from Chinese:
Bu(4) zhi(1) dao(4) you(3) duo(1) kai(1) xin(1)
2.It means so happy to the extend that no word in the dictionary can be used to describe.
Hey, do u know that the "deadline" of the project is postponed till next next Monday?
Wow!!! Don know happy like wat man!!!

Gone Case
1.Hopeless, cannot be helped, in trouble.
Wao lau! U so idle until go toilet also lazy to go.
U really gone case already.

"You goblock you! Can't you see the light signal! Aiyah!
Next time I drive!"

Goot ah?
1.Telling someone he/she sucks in a scarastic singlish way hurhurhurhur.
"Eh, u goot ah?"

1.Fortunate or lucky
Wah Ah Beng, why you so heng ha? Always win prizes in lucky draw.

1.I give up! Dowan to argue wif you awreddy...
2.Often used as a sign of defeat.
eg. me: "is too"
you:"is not"
me: "is too"
you:"is not"
me: "is too"

Jalan jalan
1.Go out and walk walk
Do you guys want to go out and jalan jalan,it quite bo...ring here!

1.Pretty or beautiful
Wah lah! This jude gal break my heart men.

Kena sai!
1.Like shits or ugly
There is this saying "Mai hiam buay pai,ai hiam kena sai"
(Meaning:If you are not choosy, it's OK. If you are choosy, then it's kena sai lor!)

Ka Ki Lang
1.People of one's kind
Never mind lah, ka ki lang, no need to pay lah !

1.Receive some kind of treatment, usually bad ones. ! late again,must kena detention again.

1.To go for a nap or to catch 40 winks.
"I better go and koon little while, odewise my eyebols oso come out!"

Liak Boh Kiew
1.Hokkien version of do not understand,utterly blur!
2.Literally it means "Catch No Ball"
Can you plee talk slowly,i liak boh kiew !

Mana Wu Eng
1.Literally it means "What's the use".
Upon watching a platoon of recruits go through their drills,
the clerk says "Wah lahs...mana wu eng?!!!"

Not qie
1.Pronounciation problem. One of my colleages from India pointed out that we like to say "not qie" instead of "not yet".
A : Hallow, have u finished or not?? U know I am waiting for u leh!!
B : Not qie lah, give me 5 more minutes can or not!

Pa Thaw
1.To go on a date.
2. Pa Thawlogy : the art of dating
Ah Lian : Yesterday why so late then come back!
Ah Hui : Orrr.. Went to Cen Toe Sar to pa thaw.

1.To exaggerate or talk kok
2.Usually pronounced with a downward stress, or the third sound in Mandrin.
"What? Your mother is the Queen of England and Princess Di is your
Don't anyhow pong lah!

1.A sarcastic remark and replacement of the word "powerful", only in terms of one's command in language. However, the langauge which was refered as to be "powderful," has to be replace by country's name closest to it...
If somebody have used a wrong word in his conversation, one can commend his command of english by saying," Wah! Your "England" very "powderful" ah!" or if he was speaking Madarin, it is, "Wah! your "China" very "powderful" ah!"

Pun Chet!
You know hah, my car tyre yesterday PUN CHET leh.

1.Like to talk big
2.Very sickening or like shit
U know hah , that Jason is very say-ee one U know , i just can't stand him...

See Bay
2.To make something more explicit or important.
3.Literally it means "Dead Horse".
4.Used as in " See Bay Chiat Lat" as in very very tiring.
Ah Kow : Wah.. See Bay Chim Ah..... Buay heow zhow.
See leow sure fail one lah.
(meaning: Very difficult to do or complicated. Don't know how to do. Shit, I sure to fail.)

Seow Liao!
1.In deep shit,having problem or "Gone Case"
2.See Leow which has the same meaning as Seow Liao.
Seow Liah lah, this weekend
kenna duty again. Cannot go out jalan jalan already.

3.Seow: crazy,out of this world
You "seow" one, can go home don't go, wanna stay back camp and talk cock.

Seemi daiji?
1.What's up or what's going on?
Seemi daiji? I thought I heard a loud crash around here.

So Cham
1.Poor thing or poor creatures.
Aiyo! This Ah Pak so cham,living in this longkang.

Tak boleh tahan
1.Unable to tolerate
My nay-ber sing ka-lah-oh-kay all night, i tak boleh tahan them man!

1.Difficult to grasp
2.Beyond understanding
Note: sometimes this expression connotes an unwillingness to learn
He set dat if I travel at de speed of lite and den come back to earth, dat means I wiew be in defiuche'ah?...hoowah - tsiiim. (Meaning: He said that if I travel at the speed of light and then come back to earth, that means I will be in the future ah? wah, tsiim.)

1.Usually, to indicate that one has been stood up or tricked.
AhBeng1: Eh wah lau eh!! I
kana _tua_ yesterday ah!! I supposed to meet Andrew den he neber come ar!!
AhBeng2: Eh kana_tua_?? You goot ar!!

Ah Heng's house is somewhere in Sembawang. Aiyoh, so ULU!

Wah Yang
1.Pretend to be busy, action-action only...
See that f***er, only know how to "wah yang" when the boss is around.

1.To eat something greedily.
Wah lau! last night i wus so hungry, I came back ony I whak boy, cun tahan!
Wha, the makcik's kuih damn shioks boy, I whak the hol lot! (The last bit should be said with a sligh twist of the head to emphasise the whak)

This version of the Singlish Dictionary was taken from
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