Short college slang dictionary


404: (adjective) Clueless or naive.

411: (noun) Information.

bag on: (verb) 1. To tease. 2. To nag or complain.

check it out: (phrase) Pay attention.

clueless: (adjective) Unaware; naive; lacking knowledge.

cool: (adjective) 1. Calm. 2. Fine, acceptable. 3. Neat; exciting; interesting; very good.

da bomb: (adjective) Great; awesome; extremely cool.

dig it: (phrase) 1. Do you understand? 2. A command to understand or pay attention.

dipstick: (noun) A stupid person.

dis: 1. (pronoun and adjective) This. 2. (verb) To disrespect.

dog: 1.(verb) To criticize sharply. 2.(verb) To act like a jerk. 3.(verb) To tease or put down. 4.(verb) To fail to keep an appointment or date. 5.(verb) To lie or cheat. 6.(noun) A man who uses women. 7.(noun) An unattractive person. 8.(noun) A close friend. 9.(noun) Foot.

drop: (verb) To give or tell.

drop knowledge: (phrase) To share information or experience; to pass the bone.

dude: 1.(noun) Person, especially male. 2.(interjection) A greeting or salutation. 3.(interjection) An indication of surprise.

FAQs: (noun phrase) Frequently asked questions.

For real(s)?: 1. (adjective) True. 2. (interjection) Is it true?

g: (noun) 1. A person; often used to replace someone's name. 2. A friend or acquaintance.

get outta here: (sentence) You must be kidding!

hang out: 1.(verb) To relax. 2.(verb) To gather; to be at or with. 3.(noun) A place to meet or get together.

Hello!?: (interjection) 1. Are you there? I'm trying to get your attention. 2. Are you awake? 3. Are you stupid?

hep cat: (noun) Someone who's hip, aware, knowledgeable, in tune with the times.

hip: (adjective) 1. In style. 2. Knowledgeable.

jam: (verb) To leave; to go.

jive: (noun) Words; jokes; language.

k: (noun) Money.

like: (interjection) Completely, totally; an interjection used for emphasis.

no stress: (phrase) Don't worry.

old skool: (adjective) Over five years old; not hip.

pancake steps: (noun) The steps outside of Carl's Jr. on the Cal Poly Pomona campus.

pass the bone: (phrase) To share your knowledge and experience; to drop knowledge.

phat: (adjective) 1. Cool; very good. 2. Attractive or nice. 3. Large; huge. 4. Big; high; especially used as a term by skateboarders, rollerbladers or snowboarders to describe a jump. 5. Someone who is respected, looked up to.

rag: (verb) 1. To tease, put down, criticize. 2. To nag or complain.

rap: 1.(verb) To talk. 2.(noun) Talk, statement. 3.(noun) A kind of music sometimes called hip-hop characterized by lyrical talking.

rents: (noun) Parents.

ride: 1.(noun) Mode of transportation; car. 2.(verb) To go, usually by car.

school: (verb) 1. To teach a lesson to. 2. To win or do something decisively better than someone else.

tired: (adjective) Old, repeated, overused. Definitely not hip!

totally: (adverb) Very; very much.

trip: 1.(noun) Something that is unusual or strange. 2.(adjective & verb) To overreact. 3.(adjective & verb) To act out of character. 4.(adjective & verb) Getting very upset; raging. 5.(adjective & verb) To act in disagreement. 6.(adjective & verb) To be overwhelmed. 7.(adjective & verb) To be not making sense. 8.(adjective & verb) To act crazy or surprised. 9. (adjective & verb) To exhibit the characteristics of being intoxicated on drugs or alcohol.

turkey: (noun) Someone who is stupid or silly.

way: 1.(adverb) Very; too much. 2.(interjection) Yes; positive affirmation to the statement "no way."

what's up: (greeting) Hi. What's new or happening?

yo: 1.(interjection) Hey. 2. (greeting) Hi; what's up.