Rap dictionary - places and names



Rappers often mention placenames in their lyrics. If you are not from around the way, you can train your geography skills here.

_21 & Lewis_ Streetcorner in Long Beach, California. _"I hung a left at two-one and Lewis"_ -- Warren G. (Regulate [1994]).

_Al B Square Mall_ Albee Square Mall in Brooklyn - Bizmarkie

_A-Town_ Atlanta

_Bankhead Hwy_ Highway in Atlanta where all the players go.

_Bay Plaza_ Movie theatre in the Bronx - Nice and Smooth.

_Bed Stuy_ Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. Also called The Stuy. Radio Raheem wears a Bed Stuy T-shirt in the movie _"Do the right thing"_ by Spike Lee.

_The Boogie Bang / The Boogie Down_ See Bronx. King Sun mentions it in one of his EPs.

_The Boogie Down_ The Bronx.

_The Bridge_ See Queensbridge.

_Bronx_ New York City borough where hip-hop was born and raised. Home of Boogie Down Productions. _"My posse from the Bronx is thick"_ -- Boogie Down Productions (My philosophy).

_Brooklyn_ New York City borough. _"No sleep till Brooklyn!"_ -- Beastie Boys (No sleep till Brooklyn [1987]). Home of Fugees and DAS EFX.

_B-Town_ Berkeley, California.

_Bucktown_ A neighborhood better known as the Brownsville section of Brooklyn used by Smif & Wesson and Black Moon.

_The Burgh_ Pittsburgh, PA.

_C-Town_ Cleveland, Ohio.

_Chilltown_ Jersey City, Double XX Posse.

_ChiTown_ Chicago.

_Chocolate City, Capital City_ Washington D.C.

_Compton_ Los Angeles borough. This is where the gangsta style was born.

_CPT_ 1) Phonebook abbreviation for Compton. 2) Colored People's Time.

_Crenshaw_ Los Angeles street. Know for it's sunday nights, where people go to floss phat cars, get their mack on, chill, etc.

_Crooklyn_ See Brooklyn.

_D-Town, The D_ Detroit, with its own sound, D-Funk.

_Double 99_ The street East 99th and St. Clair in Cleveland. Home of the group Bone Thugs'n Harmony.

_East Boogie_ A predominately Black city called East St. Louis. Home of Miles Davis.

_East Saint_ See East Boogie.

_Elm City, The L_ New haven, Connecticut.

_Farmers Boulevard_ Street in the New York City borough of Queens. Home of L.L. Cool J. _"Farmers Boulevard, that's where the crib's at, that's where me and E. hang out."_ -- L.L. Cool J. (???)

_Felt Forum_ New York boxing arena, many prominent New York City boxers have boxed there.

_Fillmore_ San Francisco district.

_Forty Deuce_ 42nd street, Manhattan, the Times Square area.

_Frisco_ San Francisco. Home of JT the bigga figga.

_The Get Low_ San Francisco. JT the Bigga Figga's group is call GLP: Get Low Players.

_H-Town_ Houston, home of The 5th Ward.

_HP_ Hunter's Point, a San Francisco district.

_Illtown_ East-orange, NJ. Home of Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifah.

_Kakalaka_ North Carolina _"New York, North Kakalaka and Compton."_ -- A Tribe Called Quest (Scenario [??]).

_LA_ Los Angeles. In particular the phrase _"LA 1992"_ indicates the riots that broke out after the Rodney King trial.

_Laketown_ Salt Lake City, Utah.

_Land of Dope_ Oakland.

_Land of the Heartless_ Cleveland, Ohio.

_LBC_ Phonebook abbreviation for Long Beach city, California. Home of 21 & Lewis. _"With so much drama in the LBC"_ -- Snoop Doggy Dogg (Gin and Juice).

_Medina_ Second most holy city of Islam; Nickname for Brooklyn.

_Moneyearnin' Mount Vernon_ Shabazz, 4th ave, 3rd street. One of the worst corners in Mount Vernon - hood hang out, dealers, addicts. Home of Heavy D., Pete Rock and CL Smooth - 77 hillside straight up Columbus Hill make a left in Mount Vernon.

_Newark_ Brick City. Home of RedMan, LOTUG, Artifacts, Channel Live, T-neck.

_Now Rule_ New Rochelle NY, a suburb of NYC, borders Mount Vernon. Origin of Grand Puba and Brand Nubian.

_Oaktown, the big O, the O_ Oakland, California. The Westside O and the Eastside O stand for West and East Oakland. Home of Too $hort and Luniz.

_Osdorp_ Amsterdam (the Netherlands) hood where the foundations of the Dutch underground, hardcore hiphop scene were laid. Rap artists such as Jason, West Klan and first and foremost The Osdorp Posse are from that part of Amsterdam.

_O-Town_ Orlando.

_PA, PAT_ Port Arthur, Texas. Referred to throughout UGK and Point Blank albums.

_Poly Apartments_ An apartment project at the west side of Long Beach. Was home for artists like the Twinz and Warren G: _"Poly Apartments for tha niggaz that ain't from the LB"_ -- The Twinz (Good Times [1995]).

_P-Town_ Paterson.

_Philly_ Philadelphia. Home of Schoolly D., Da Youngstas, The Fresh Prince, Tuff Crew, The Roots, DJ Ghetto, Bahamadia.

_Quad City_ Orlando. Home of Quad City DJ's, 95 South, 69 Boyz and DJ Magic Mike.

_Queens_ New York City borough. RUN-DMC are often referred to as the Kings from Queens.

_Queensbridge_ The name of a six building (six stories each) housing project in Long Island City (NY), a section of Queens. 40 side and 41st side refer to the 40th street side of the buildings 41st street side of the buildings. Home of Nas and Mobb Deep.

_Sactown_ Sacramento, California.

_Seatown_ Seattle.

_The (island of) Shao-Lin_ Staten Island, a New York borough. Home of the Wu-Tang clan

_Shey Town_ New York, from Shey stadium. _"At night the evil armies of Shey Town don't play"_ -- Fugees (Family business [1996]).

_Slauson_ Los Angeles street. _"The sun went down when I hit Slauson"_ -- Dr. Dre (The Chronic [??]).

_South Central_ Los Angeles area. A very important place for gangsta rap. Origin of a lot of rappers.

_Strong island_ Long island.

_Sucka Free_ San Francisco.

_SWAT_ Southwest Atlanta. Home of Outkast, Goodie Mob, Kriss Kross, Parental Advisory.

_Trenton_ Home of the old schoolrappers, PRT.

_Uptown_ The word uptown originated in the New York city train stations. As you leave downtown Manhattan the trains direct you to Uptown. Uptown includes Harlem, East Harlem, Washinton Heights, Inwood and (sometimes) the South Bronx.

_Union Square_ (1) A park in New York City on Broadway between 14th and 16th(?). Origin of Kid n Play. (2) A hip-hop club from the late 1980's in the above area. The name of this routine is called live at Union Square. - KRS One

_Vacaville_ Nothern California Prison (Too $hort).

_VIP Records_ Famous Long Beach record store where a lot of current stars first sold their demo tapes. Snoop was standing on it in his _"Who am I?"_ video. _"Let's journey to the VIP for the latest hits"_ -- Domino (Long Beach Thang [1993]).

_V-Town_ Vallejo, California. Home of E-40.

_Whitestone_ Movie theatre in the Bronx - Diamond D.

_White castle_ Hamburger chain; open crazy late, some fine hoods there. They at least have it in New York, Chicago and Detroit. _"We went to White castle and we got thrown out"_ -- Beastie Boys (Slow ride [1986])) NAMES ===== "My name is Kris Parker, KRS-One for short" -- KRS-One. Not everyone is so clear about his or her real name. Here is a list of names we could get our hands on.


-- 0-9 --

_007_ Andre Barnes (5th Ward Boys), US MC.

_2 Low_ Cedric White, US MC.

2Pac Tupac Amaru Shakur, US MC (deceased).

_2Scoop_ Gary Brown (DoveShack)

_2 Toon_ Elon Holland (Tha M.O.B.B.), US producer.

_3SG_ Steven Speed (Nati Nemesis)

8 Ball Premro Smith (8 Ball & MJG), US MC.


-- A --

_A.B. Money_ Anthony Mosley, US MC.

_Ace_ Austin Flowers (Explicit Lyrics)

_A.D.L._ Adam Nilsson (Absent Minded), Swedish MC.

_A.D.O.R._ Eddie Castellanos

_Ad Rock_ Adam Horowitz (Beastie Boys), US MC.

_Afika Baby Bam_ Nathaniel Hall (Jungle Brothers), US MC.

_Afrika Bambaataa_ Lance Aasim, US MC.

_A.G._ Andre Barnes

_A.G.Q._ American Genuine Quality, Kevin Riley (Menace To Society), US MC.

_Ahmad_ Ahmad A. Lewis

_Afrika Islam_ Charles Andre Glenn, US producer and DJ.

_Ahozi_ Dewitt Johnson

_AJ Shine_ Joseph Simmons (The Roots)

_Akinyele_ Akinyele Adams

_Ali_ Ali Shaheed Muhammad (Tribe Called Quest), US MC.

_Ali Dee_ Ali Theodore, US MC.

_Almighty_ Chris Pringle (Side FX), US MC.

_ALT_ Al Trivette, US MC.

_AMG_ Jason Lewis, US MC.

_Andrew E._ Andrew Espiritu, Philippines MC.

_Angie B_ Angela Brown (Sequence), US MC.

_Animal_ Jos Diaz.

Ant Banks Anthony Banks, US producer and MC.

_Ant Diddley_ Anthony Nelson, US MC.

_Apache_ Anthony Teaks, US MC.

_A-Plus_ Adam Carter (Hieroglyphics)

_Arabian Prince_ Mik Lezan

_A.R.E. MC_ Coen Grooten (Seven Eleven, Family Jewels), dutch MC.

_Asia Born_ Thomas Shimura

_Ason_ See Ol' Dirty Bastard.

_Assassin_ Wlater H. Adams (Menace Clan)

_ATCQ_ A Tribe Called Quest

_A-T-L_ Above the Law


-- B --

_Baby D_ Dania Birks (JJ Fad), US MC.

_Baby Girl_ Kim Walsh (H.W.A.), US MC.

_Bahamadia_ Antonia Reed

_BDP_ Boogie Down Productions

_Bechir_ Bechir Eklund (Infinite Mass), Swedish MC.

_Benyad_ Benjamin Mor (Blood of Abraham)

_Betty Boo_ Alison Clarkson, UK MC.

_Big Bank Hank(/B> Henry Jackson (Sugarhill Gang), US MC.

Big Boi Antoine Patton (Outkast), US MC.

Big Daddy Kane Antonio Hardy, US MC.

Biggie Smalls See Notorious B.I.G.

Big L L. Coleman

Big Mike Mike Barnett (Convicts/Geto Boys), US producer.

Big Money Odis Odis Valentine (Digital Underground/Gold Money), US MC.

Big Nose T. Alston (Hobo Junction), US MC.

Big Noyd T. Perry

Big Scoob/Scoob Lover Johnnie Jackson (Big Daddy Kane), US MC.

Bionic Jeff Tetteh, UK MC.

Biscuit Steve Walker, US MC.

Biz Markie Marcel Hall, US MC.

Biznizz Billy Ntimih, UK DJ.

Bizzy Bone Charles Scruggs (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

Black C Christian Mathews, US MC.

Blackhead Roberto Martorell, Swedish producer & DJ.

Black Radical MKII Felix Joseph, UK MC.

Black Thought Tariq Trotter (The Roots), US MC.

Blacktoven Anthony Ransom, US producer.

B-Legit Brandt Jones (The Click), US MC. He's the cousin of E-40, Suga T and D-Shot.

Blondie Gwen Chisholm (Sequence), US MC.

Blowfly Clarence Reid, US MC.

Bobby Jimmy Russ Parr (Bobby Jimmy & The Critters), US MC.

Bobby Steels See Prince Rakeem the RZA.

Bobcat Bobby Irving, US producer, DJ and MC.

Bokie Loc Andrew Edwards

Bon Rock Diane Hawkins, US MC.

Bon Rock Tania Battiste, US MC.

Boogie Mack Marqui Vaughn, US MC.

Bootie Brown Romye Robinson (Pharcyde), US MC.

Boots R. Riley (The Coup)

Boroc Mark Makonie (DoveShack)

Bosco Money Keith Carabello (Downtown Science), US MC.

Boss Lichelle Laws, US MC.

Boulevard Rod Rob Adams (Knight of the Turntables), US DJ.

Bounty Killer Rodney Pryce

Brains James De Shannon Davis, US MC.

B-Real Louis Freeze (Cypress Hill), US MC.

Breeze Morgan Rodriguez, US MC.

Broadcaster D Andreas Melin (One Eye-Q=Young Wizdom), Swedish producer and journalist.

Broadway Dion Barnes

Broadway Dion Broad, US MC.

B.R.O. the R.? [Brother Question] Ahmir Thompson (The Roots), US drummer.

Brother D Daryl Aamaa Nubyahn, US MC.

Brother J Jason Hunter (X-Clan/Dark Sun Rider)

Brother Marquis Mark Ross (2 Live Crew), US MC.

B True Tim Smith, US/Swedish MC.

Buckshot Shorty Kenyatta Blake (Black Moon), US MC.

Buckwild Anthony Best

Buju Banton Mark Myrie

Bullet Robert Harris.

Burzootie Jay Burzootie, US producer.

Bushwick Bill Richard Steven Shaw (Geto Boys), US MC.

Busta Rhymes Tahiem Smith

Bustop Ronald Watkin (Operation From The Bottom)

Butterfly Ishmael Butler (Digable Planets), US MC

Buzz B Shorn Braithwaite, UK MC.

B-Zar Balthazar Getty _


-- C --

_Caleb_ B. Spradley (Variation).

_Capital Q_ Frank Lennon Alert (Dream Warriors), Canadian MC.

_Capleton_ Corey Bailey

_Casanova Rud_ Erik Rudnicki, US MC.

_Cash Money_ Jerome Hewlett, US DJ.

_Casual_ John Owens (Hieroglyphics), US MC.

_Ced Gee_ Cedric Miller (Ultramagnetic MC's), US MC and producer.

_Celly Cel_ M. McCarver (Sick Wid It Records)

_Cham_ Amir Chamdin (Infinite Mass), Swedish MC.

_Champ MC_ Kimberly Johnson, US MCska.

_Chango_ Glenn Everett.

_Chap_ Charles Kelly, US DJ.

_Cheeze Dogg_ Milton Cheek (Dogg Pound Posse)

_Cheryl the Pearle_ Cheryl Cook (Sequence), US MC.

_Chill_ Vernon Johnson (Eihthype Crew)

_Chill Rob G_ Robert Frazier, US MC.

_Chilli_ Rozonda Thomas (TLC)

_Chilly Dogg_ Cheeko Wells (Dogg Pound Posse)

_Chino XL_ Derek Barbosa, US MC.

_Chip Fu_ Roderick Roachford

_Choclair_ K. Blake

_Chocolate_ Mario Johnson, US MC.

_Chopmaster J_ Jimi Dight (Digital Underground/Force One Network), US musician.

_Chubb Rock_ Richard Simpson, US MC.

_Chuck D_ Carlton Ridenhour (Public Enemy), US MC.

_Chuck Nice_ Walter Griggs (Three Times Dope), US MC.

_Chuck Nice_ Charles Johnson (Kool Rock Jay), US MC.

_Chunky A_ Arsenio Hall, US MC, actor and TV host.

_C-Knight_ A. Blount (DoveShack)

_C-Knowledge_ Craig Irving (Digable Planets)

_Clay D_ Clay Elwood Dixson, US MC.

_Cleff_ Jean Wyclef, US MC.

_Clever Jeff_ Jeff Jones, US musician.

_Cli-N-Tel_ Marquette Hawkins, producer.

_CL Smooth_ Corey Penn, US MC.

_CMG_ Carla Green (Conscious Daughters), US MC.

_Cold 187um_ Gregory Hutchinson (Above the Law), US MC.

_Cold Cut_ Matt Black, UK DJ and producer.

_Common_ Rashied Lynn, US MC. Common is no longer known as Common Sense, due to a lawsuit.

_Cool C_ Chris Coney (C.E.B.), US MC.

Coolio Artis Ivey Jr., US MC.

_Count_ Fredrick Linton, US MC.

_Count Bass-D_ Dwight Farrell, US MC.

_CPU_ Colored People United, Seattle based group.

_Cowboy_ Keith Wiggings (Younger Generation/Furious Five), US MC.

_Craig G_ Craig Curry, US MC.

_Crazy Legs_ Richie Colon (Rock Steady Crew), US breakdancer.

_Cruelsta_ Cyrus Melchor, US MC.

_Crunch_ Aaron Brown, US MC.

_Cut Creator_ Jack Philpot (LL Cool J's DJ), US DJ.


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-- D --

_Da Brat_ Shawntae Harris, US MC.

_Daddy Freddy_ S. Small

_Daddy Mack_ Chris Smith (Kris Kross), US MC.

_Daddy-O_ Glenn Bolton

_Da Grinch_ Clayton D. Arnold

_Dana Dane_ D. McCleese

_Dangerous Dame_ Damon Williams

_Danny Boy_ Daniel O'Connor (House of Pain)

_Dark Boy_ Imani Wilcox, US MC.

_Darkman_ Brian Michell, UK MC.

Dat Nigga Daz Des Arnaud (Dogg Pound producer).

_Davy D._ David Reeves, US producer and MC.

_Dayz_ Michael Ghaffari, US DJ and producer.

_Daze_ Tyree Lopes

_Dazzy Dee_ Lidell Williams, US MC.

_De'1_ Martin Crawford

_De De_ Denise Lopez, Swedish MC.

_Dee_ Donald Newmam (K II S), US MC.

_Dee_ Irene Moore (Boss), US DJ and MC.

_Dee_ Dante L. Miller (Menace Clan)

_Def Jef_ Jeffery Fortson, US MC.

_Del tha Funky Homosapien_ Teren Delvon Jones, US MC. Founding member of the Hieroglyphics.

_Demon D_ Darren Chamberlain, UK MC.

_Derek B._ Derek Boland, UK MC.

_Destro_ Dante Barton, US producer.

_Detroit Dray_ Andra Hines, US MC.

_Dev_ Devin Copeland, US MC.

_Devante Swing_ Donald DeVante Degrate (Jodeci)

_Devastating Tito_ Tito Dones (Fearless Four), US MC.

_Devil O_ Tyson Lyn

_Diamond_ Joe Kirkland

_Diamond J_ Julian Small, UK MC.

_Diamond X_ Dyonna Lewis (Silk Tymes Leather)

_Diesel_ Jeff Ray, US MC.

_Dimples D_ Smith, Crystal, US MC.

_DJ Akshun Luv_ R. Williams, US DJ.

_DJ Daddy_ Richard Lawson, US DJ.

_DJ Eddie F._ Edward Ferrell, US DJ.

_DJ Fuze_ David Elliot (Digital Underground/Raw Fusion), US DJ.

_DJ Jazzy Jeff_ Jeffrey Townes (Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince), US DJ.

_DJ Lethal_ Leor DiMant (House of Pain), US DJ.

_DJ Magic Mike_ Michael Hampton, US DJ.

_DJ Mark The 45 King_ Mark James, US DJ.

_DJ Muggs_ Larry Muggerud (Cypress Hill), US DJ.

_DJ Premier_ Chris Martin (Gang Starr), US DJ.

DJ Quik Dante Blake, US MC.

_DJ Scratch_ George Spivey (EPMD), US DJ.

_DJ Shadow_ J. Davis

_DJ Slip_ Terry K. Allen (Compton's Most Wanted)

_DJ Tat Money_ Terrance Alan Thomas (DJ for Steady B and Kwam), US DJ/producer.

_DJ Woody Wood_ Duerward Beale (Three Times Dope)

_DJ Yella_ Antoine Carraby (World Class Wreckin' Cru/N.W.A.), US MC and producer.

_DMC_ Darryl McDaniels (Run-DMC), US MC.

_D-Nasty_ Daryl W. Monroe (The UBC)

_D-Nice_ Derrick Jones, US MC.

The D.O.C. Trey Curry, US MC.

_Dodge_ Roger Drakes (Dodge City Productions), UK MC.

_Doitall_ Dupre Kelly (Lords of the Underground)

_Domino_ Darren Siguenza (Hiero One)

_Domino_ Shawn Ivey (Outburst Records)

_Donald D._ Donald Lamont

_Doodlebug_ Craig Irving, US MC.

_Doo-Wop_ R. Gonzalez

_Dove_ Dave Jolicoeur (De La Soul), US MC.

_Doug E. Fresh_ Douglas Davis, US MC.

_DPG_ Dogg Pound Gangstaz

_Dr. Ace_ Charles Trahan (Young & Restless)

_Drayz_ Andre Weston (Das EFX), US MC.

_Dr Butcher_ Andrew Venable, US DJ.

_Dr C_ William Craaford (Just D), Swedish rapper.

Dr. Dre Andre Young (N.W.A.), US MC. Dre is Warren G's half-brother, they share the same mother.

_Dr. Dre_ Andre Brown (Yo MTV Raps), MTV VJ.

_Dre_ Andre Benjamin (Outkast), US MC.

_Dres_ Andres Titus (Black Sheep), US MC.

_Dr. Jay_ Jay Gervev

_Dr. Jeckyll_ Andre Harrell (Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde), US MC.

_DR Period_ D. Pittman

D-Shot D. Stevens (The Click), brother of E-40 and Suga T, cousin of B-Legit and Mac Mall.

_D-Square_ Dwayne Sumal (Boogie Down Productions)

_D Style_ Darryl White.

_Duke_ Anthony Hilaire, UK MC.

_Duke Bootee_ Edward Fletcher, US MC.

_D Wade_ Dennis Wade, US manager.

_D Zire_ Dee Barnes (Body & Soul), US MC.

_D Zire_ Darren Zire, UK DJ.


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-- E --

E-40 Earl Stevens (The Click), brother of D-Shot and Suga T, cousin of B-Legit and Mac Mall.

_Easy Lee_ Theodore Moye, US DJ.

_Easy Mo Bee_ Osten Harvey, (Rappin' Is Fundamental), US producer.

Eazy-E. Eric Wright (N.W.A.), US MC.

_Ecstacy_ John Fletcher (Whodini)

_Eddie F_ Eddie Ferell, US MC and DJ.

_E Devious_ Marco Ennis (Almighty RSO)

_Ed Lover_ James Roberts, US MC.

_Ed O.G._ Edward Anderson (Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs), US MC.

_Elesse_ S. Skolnick (Sham & The Professor)

_Enviable Young Elect_ Marcel Graumans (Prophets of Truth), Dutch MC.

_EPMD_ Eric and Parish Makin' Dollars

Eric B. Louis Eric Barrier (Eric B & Rakim), US DJ and MC.

_E Rock_ Eric Taylor (5th Ward Boys), US MC.

_Esham_ Rsham(?) Smith. Stands for East Side Hoes And Money, often duets with his brother, James Smith.

_Eskispectacular_ Ian P. Richmond (The UBC)

_Essence_ Peter Essence (1), US DJ and producer.

_Est_ Robert Waller

_E Swift_ Eric Brooks (Alkaholiks), US MC and producer.

_Everlast_ Erik Schrody (House of Pain), US MC.

_Evil Dee_ Eward Dewgarde (Da Beatminerz)

_Extra P._ William Paul Mitchell

_Eye_ Bobby Simmons, US producer.

_EZ Elpee_ L. Porter

_EZ Mo Be_ Osten Harvey, US producer.

_EZ Rock_ Rodney Bryce (Rob Base & EZ Rock), US DJ.


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-- F --

_Fab Five Freddy_ Fred Braithwaite, US video producer, grafitti artist and MTV VJ.

_Falcon_ Christian Falk, Swedish producer and musician.

_Fam_ Abdullah Barr, US MC.

_Fashion_ Berntony Smalls (The Beatnuts), US MC.

_Fatal_ J. Burgos

_Fat Joe_ Joseph Cartagena

_Fatlip_ Derek Stewart (Pharcyde), US MC.

_Fesu_ Yusef Cross, US MC.

_Fila Fresh Crew_ Old school West coast group: Fresh K, Dr. Rock and The D.O.C. The group was featured in the 1986 compilation _NWA and The Posse_.

_Flavor Flav_ William Drayton (Public Enemy), US MC.

_Flesh-N-Bone_ Stanly Howse (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

_Fliptop_ Kevin White (Operation From The Bustop)

_Foxy Brown_ Inga Marchand, US MC.

_FrancisM_ Francis Magalona, Philippines MC.

_Frankie Cutlass_ Francis Michael Parker

_Frank Nitty_ Franchot Hayes (Menace To Society), US MC.

_Freddy Bo_ Fredrick Robinson Sr. (Tha M.O.B.B.), US MC.

_Freedom_ Frederick B. Williams (C+C Music Factory)

_Fresh Kid Ice_ Chris Wongwon (2 Live Crew), US MC.

_The Fresh Prince_ Will Smith, US MC. Actor in TV-series _The Fresh Prince of Bel Air_.

_Frosty Freeze_ Wayne Frost (Rock Steady Crew), US breakdancer.

_Funkmaster Flex_ Aston Taylor

_Funkmaster Wizard Wiz_ Eric Lockett, US MC.

_Fusion_ Matt Hanson, UK MC.


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-- G --

_Galaxy_ George Llado (Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde), US DJ.

_Gangsta D_ D. Barnett (SecondIINone)

_Gangsta Pat_ _Genius/GZA_ Gary Grice (Wu-Tang Clan)

_Gerardo_ Gerardo Mejia III, US MC.

_Ghostface Killer_ Dennis Coles (Wu-Tang Clan)

_Gift Of Gab_ Tim Parker (Blackalicious)

_Ginuwine_ Elgin Lumpkin

Goldy Mhisani Miller (Dangerous Crew)

_Go Mack_ Arthur Goodman (Above the Law), US MC.

_Grandmaster Caz_ Curtis Fisher (Cold Crush Brothers), US MC.

_Grandmaster Dee_ Drew Carter (Whodini), US DJ.

_Grandmaster Flash_ Joseph Saddler, US DJ.

_Grandmaster Lonz_ Alonzo Williams (World Class Wreckin' Crew)

_Grandmaster Spin_ Chris Forte, US DJ.

_Grandmixer Muggs_ Larry Muggerud (7A3/Cypress Hill), US DJ.

_Grandmixer D.ST._ Derek Howells, US DJ.

_Grand Puba_ Maxwell Dixon (Masters Of Ceremony/Brand Nubians), US MC.

_Grandwizard Theodore Livingston_ Theodore Livingston, US DJ.

_Great Peso_ Mitchell Grant (Fearless Four), US MC.

_Greg Nice_ Greg Mays (Nice & Smooth), US MC.

_Gripp_ Perry Rayson (South Central Cartel), US DJ.

_Gripsta_ Brandy Nicole, US MC.

_Gurra G_ Gustav Lund (Just D), Swedish DJ and MC.

_Guru_ Keith Elam (Gang Starr), US MC. Keith went earlier by the name of Keithy E. Guru stands for Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal.

_G-Whiz_ Glen Parrish (Heavy D & The Boyz), US dancer.


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-- H --

_Hakeem X_ Jermaine Benton, US MC.

_Half A Mill_ Jasun Ward

Hammer See MC Hammer

_Harmony_ Pamela Scott

_Hashim_ Jerry Calliste Jr., US Producer.

_Havikk_ Brian West (South Central Cartel), US MC.

_Havoc_ Cary Calvin (South Central Cartel)

_Head_ Nick Hallam (Stereo MC's), UK DJ.

_Headliner_ Tim Barnwell (Arrested Development), US DJ.

_Heather B_ Heather B. Gardner, US MC.

_Heavy D._ Dwight Myers, US MC.

_Hitman Howie Tee_ Howard Thompson, US DJ and producer.

_Homocide_ Bennie Herron, US DJ.

_HOP_ House of Pain

_H-Tali_ M. Radewagen (Variation), US DJ.

_Hub_ Leonard Hubbard (Roots), US bassplayer.

_Human Beatbox_ Darren Robinson (Fat Boys), US MC (deceased).

_Humpty Hump_ Edward Humphrey III

_Humpty Hump_ Greg Jacobs (Humpty=Shock)

_Huntburykillfinn_ Andrew Ward, UK MC.

_Hurby Luv Bug_ Hurby Azor, US producer.

_Hurricane_ Wendell Fyte (Beastie Boys, Afros, Davy D), US DJ and MC.


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-- I --

_Ice Cream Tee_ Bettina Clark, US MC.

Ice Cube O'Shea Jackson, US MC.

_Ice Dogg_ Clinton Kelly III (Tha M.O.B.B.), US MC.

Ice-T Tracy Marrow, US MC.

_Icey Jaye_ Jay McGowan

_Imani_ Emandu Wilcox (Pharcyde)

_Infra Red_ Oscar Franzn (Sherlock), Swedish MC.

_Inspectah Deck_ Jason Hunter (Wu-Tang Clan)

_The Instrumental Soldier_ Khaliq Asharri, US producer.

_Isis_ Lin Que Ayoung, US MC.

_Izzy-Ice_ I. Francois (Da King & I)


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-- J --

_Jah Skilz_ Jalali Carthorn (Five Footer Crew, G-Funk Era), US MC. She is a part of Warren G's Dove Shack.

_Jalil_ Jalil Hutchins (Whodini)

_Jam Master Jay_ Jason Mizell (Run-DMC), US DJ.

_Jammin' James_ James Carter, US producer.

_Jaydee_ J. Yancey

_Jayo Felony_ James Savage

_Jay-Z_ Shawn Carter.

_Jay-Z_ J. Jackson (Hobo Junction), US DJ.

_Jazzy Jay_ Jayson Byas, US producer.

_Jazzy Jeff_ Jeff Miree (Funky 4 + One More), US MC.

_JC 001_ Jason Coleman, UK MC.

_JDL_ Jerry D. Lewis (Cold Crush Brothers), US MC.

_Jekill_ K. Hicks (Mannish)

_Jellybean_ John Benitez, US producer.

_Jeru the Damaja_ Kendrick Jeru Davis, US MC.

_Jez_ J. Livingston (Variation), US MC.

_J-Groove_ James Carson (Hobo Junction), US Producer.

_Jive_ S. Blanton (Mannish)

_JJ_ John Tajeda (Blood of Abraham), US DJ.

_J-Live_ J. Cadet

_Jock Box_ Jacque Harrison (Skinny boys), US MC.

_Jocko_ Douglas Henderson, US radio DJ.

_Johnny Blaze_ See Method Man.

_Johnny Cash_ John Rolle (X Men), US DJ.

_Johnny P._ Orville Morgan

_Jo-Jo_ Joel Hailey (Jodeci)

_J. Quest_ John Raimundi, US MC.

_JR_ Darron Strand (Rappin' Is Fundamental), US MC.

_J Ro_ James Robinson, US MC.

_J-Sw!ft_ J. Martinez

_Jugg Mugg_ Dexter Johnson, US MC.

_Juju_ Jerry Tineo (The Beatnuts)

_Just Ice_ Joseph Williams Jr., US MC.

_J.Z._ Shawn Carter


[LINK]-[USEMAP] _________________________________________________________________

-- K --

_Kalonji The Immortal_ K. Coleman

_Kam_ Craig A. Miller, US MC.

_Kaos_ Gregory Scott (South Central Cartel), US DJ.

_Kaos_ Mark Freitas

_Kaution_ Malik Wilson

_Kay Gee_ Kier Gist (Naughty by Nature)

_KC Flightt_ F. Toson Jr.

_K-Ci_ Cedric Hailey (Jodeci)

_K-Cut_ Kevin McKenzie (Main Source), US MC and DJ.

_K Dee_ Darrell Johnson, US MC.

_K-Def_ Kevin Hansford

_Keithy E_ See Guru.

_Ken Dawg_ Kendon Anthony

_Kenny Love_ Kenneth Tonge.

_K.G._ Keir Gist (Naughty By Nature), US MC.

_Kid_ Christopher Reid (Kid 'N Play), US MC.

_Kid Capri_ Derek Love

_Kid Creole_ Nathaniel Glover (Younger Generation/Furious Five), US MC.

_Kid Disater_ Darrell Johnson (Stereo Crew/C.I.A.), US MC.

Kid Frost Arturo Mollina Jr., US MC.

_Kid Ice_ Chris Wong (2 Live Crew), US MC.

_Kid Sensation_ Steven Spence, US MC.

_Killa_ Keila Stewart

_Killa Priest_ W. Reed

_King Ad-Rock_ Adam Horovitz (Beastie Boys)

_King Just_ Adrian Angevin, US MC.

_King Tee_ Roger McBride

_Kiss AMC_ Anne Marie Copeland, UK MC.

_Km.G the Illustrator_ Kevin Dulley (Above the Law), US MC.

_KK_ K. McDonald (SecondIINone)

_Knumskull_ Garrick Husband, US MC.

_Kool G Rap_ Nathaniel Wilson, US MC.

_Kool Herc_ Clive Campbell, US DJ.

_Kool Keith_ Keith Thornton (Ultramagnetic MC's/Rhythm X/Dr Octagon/Sinister 6000), US MC.

_Kool Moe Dee_ Mohandes DeWeese (Treacherous Three), US MC.

_Kool Rock Jay_ Leo Dupree Ramsey Jr. (Kool Rock Jay), US MC.

_Kool Rock Ski_ Damon Wimbley (Fat Boys), US MC.

_KP_ Rod Kirkpatrick, US producer.

_Krash Slaughta_ Paul Smith, English DJ.

_Krayzie Bone_ Anthony Henderson (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

_Krazy Drayz_ Andre Weston (Das EFX)

_Krazy Eddie_ Eddie Thompson (Fearless Four), US MC.

KRS One Lawrence Krisna Parker. Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone.

_K-Snap_ Devin Hookfin.

_K-Solo_ Kevin Madison, US MC.

Kurious Jorge Alvarez, US MC.

_Kurtis Blow_ Kurtis Walker, US MC.

Kurrupt Ricardo Brown (Dogg Pound)

_Kut Mighty Swift_ Reggie Lalanne (Side FX), US DJ.

_Kwam_ Kwam Holland (A New Beginning)


[LINK]-[USEMAP] _________________________________________________________________

-- L --

_L.A. Jay_ John Barnes III

_Ladybug_ Mary Ann Vierra, US MC.

_Lady of Rage_ Robin Yvette Allen, US MC.

_LA Luv_ Phillip Gayle, Canadian DJ.

_Laquan_ Kenneth Green, US MC.

_Large Professor_ William Paul Mitchell, US MC and producer.

_L.A. Star_ Lisa Ali, US MC.

_Lateef the Truth Speaker (formerly Lateef the Dread Piper)_ Lateef Daumont (Blackalicious)

_Lauryn_ Lauryn Hill (Fugees), US MC.

_Layzie Bone_ Steve Howse (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

_LBC_ Long Beach Click

_Leather_ Jocelyn Rabon (Silk Tymes Leather)

_Left Eye_ Lisa Lopes (TLC)

_Len_ Leonard Moore (Success N Effect), US DJ.

_The Lench Mob_ The Lench Mob consists of Ice Cube, Sir Jinx, T-Bone J-Dee Shorty Threi, Big Tom, Wess, Zulu Ed, Heavy, K-Dee, Kam, Chilly Chill, Yo-Yo, Taz and Big Cal (source: Death Certificate insert). As recording group they consists of T-Bone, J-Dee and Shory. Later J-Dee was replaced by Maulkie (formerly of Yomo & Maulkie, a Ruthless Records act)

_LeShuan_ LeShuan William, US MC.

_Lett Loose_ Lloyd E. Taylor (Blood of Abraham), US DJ.

_Leviti_ L. King (The guy that did "One Luv" with E-40)

_Lil1/2Dead_ Mr. Carpenter

_Lil Dap_ James Heath (Group Home)

_Lil Thug_ Rashad Franklin

_Little Daddy Shane_ Clayton Hardy

_L.L. Cool J_ James Todd Smith, US MC. It is short for _Ladies Love Cool James_.

_Lo Life_ Richard Nash (5th Ward Boys), US MC.

_Lonnie B._ L. Battle

_Lonnie Love_ Alonzo Brown, US MC.

_Lord Albaski_ Kurtis Addison (Flavor Unit), US MC.

_Lord Black_ David Doutryer, US MC.

_Lord Finesse_ Robert Hall, US MC.

_Lord Jammar_ Lorenzo Dechalus (Brand Nubian), US MC.

_Lord Jazz_ Bruce Colston (Lords of the Underground), US DJ.

_Lord of Brightness_ Erik Graumans (Prophets of Truth), Dutch MC.

_LOTUG_ Lords of the Underground

_Lou Diamonds_ See Raekwon the Chef.

_Louie Louie_ Louis Vegas, US DJ and producer.

_Louie Rankin_ Leonard Ford

_Lovebug Starski_ Kevin Smith, US MC.

_Low Dogg_ Hamza Sheik

_Low MB_ Sammie Williams (Operation From The Bustop)

_LSD_ Lord Spencer Nobles

_Luke Skyywalker_ Luther Campbell (2 Live Crew), US MC.

_Luva Gee_ Gregory Allen Smith (South Central Cartel), US MC.

_LV_ Larry Sanders (South Central Cartel), US singer.

_Lyrrad_ Darryl Davis.

_Lyrical Lesly_ Lesly Lafour

_Lyrical Prophet_ Jimmy Conway (The Goodfellas Outfit), US MC.


[LINK]-[USEMAP] _________________________________________________________________

-- M --

_M16_ Miguel Vargas, US MC.

_Mac Doe_ Donald McLeoud

_Mack-10_ D. Rolison

_Mack Daddy_ Chris Kelly (Kris Kross), US MC.

_Mac Mall_ Jamal Walker (Sick Wid It Records), cousin of E-40, D-Shot and Suga T.

_Mad CJ Mack_ B. Ross

_Madkap_ Damon Cole

_Mad Skillz_ D. Lewis

_Maestro Fresh Wes_ Wesley Williams

_Magic Mike_ Michael Hampton, US DJ and rapper.

_Majesty_ R. Wiggins (Da King & I)

MJG Marlon Goodwin

_Malik B_ Malik Abdul Basit-Smart (The Roots), US MC

_Mantronik_ Curtis Jahleel (Mantronix), US DJ & producer.

_Mark 45 King_ Mark James, US producer.

_Marley Marl_ Marlon Williams, US producer.

_Marquee_ M. Ferguson

_Martay_ Melanie MacKenzie (Martay & DBM), UK MC.

_Marvelous_ Marvin Berryman (Cash Money & Marvelous), US MC.

_Mase_ Vincent L. Mason Jr. (De La Soul), US DJ.

_Master Ace_ Duval Clear

_Master G_ Guy o'Brien (Sugarhill Gang), US MC.

_Master Killer_ J. Dockery

_Master Killa_ Jamal Turner (Wu-Tang Clan)

_Master OC_ Oscar Rodriquez Jr. (Fearless Four), US DJ.

_Maximillion_ See Genius/GZA.

_May May_ May May Ali, US MC.

_Mazik_ D. Saevitz (Blood of Abraham)

_MCA_ Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys), US MC.

_MC ADE_ Adrian Hines

_MC AK_ Toby Treptow

MC Breed Eric Breed

MC Eiht Aaron Tyler. MC Eiht doesn't get along quite well with DJ Quik: _A tramp named David, DJ Quik in a Khaki Bikini_ (Def Wish III).

_MC Grover_ Stuart Groves

_MC Hammer_ Stanley Kirk Burrell, US MC.

_MC JB_ Juana Burnes (JJ Fad), US MC.

_MC Lyte_ Lana Moorer, US MC.

_MCM_ Mark Layman, UK MC.

_MC PO_ Raimo Rantamaki

_MC Pooh_ Lawrence Thomas, US MC.

MC Ren Lorenzo Patterson (N.W.A.), US MC and producer.

_MC Serch_ Michael Berrin (3rd Bass), US MC.

_MC Shan_ Shawn Moltke, US MC.

_MC Solaar_ Claude Barali, French MC. Claude is a friend of Soon E MC; they grew up together. Both are a member of the "501 posse" which includes many other French rappers.

_MC Tee_ Tooure Embden (Mantronix), US MC.

_MC Thick_ Stewart Harris

_Mean Gene_ Gene Livingston, US DJ.

_Mecca_ Mary Ann Vierra (Digable Planets)

_Melachi The Nutcracker_ J. Felder (Group Home)

_Melle Mel_ Melvin Glover, US MC.

_Mel Low_ Melvin Moore, US MC.

_Mellow Man Ace_ Ulpiano Sergio Reyes, US MC.

_Melquan_ Melvin Keys, US MC.

_Mental Kees_ Kees de Koning, Dutch DJ.

_Method Man_ Clifford Smith (Wu-Tang Clan), US MC.

Michel'le Tanisha Michel'le Young (Michelle), US MC. She was Dr. Dre's wife.

_Michelle_ Tanisha Michele Morgan (Bytches With Problems), US MC.

_Michie Mee_ Michelle McCullock, Canadian MC.

_Mighty Mike C_ Michael Kevin Clee (Fearless Four), US MC.

_Mike Air_ Michael G. Dolvin (The UBC)

_Mike D_ Michael Diamond (Beastie Boys), US MC.

_Mike G_ Michael Small (Jungle Brothers), US MC.

_Mike J_ Michael Dunn, UK MC.

_Militant Mind_ Jared Kenny

_Minutemix_ Jarrett Cordes (PM Dawn), UK DJ.

_Miracle Mike_ Michael Carriel.

_Mista Grimm_ Rojai Trawick

_Mista Lawnge_ William McLean (Black Sheep), US MC.

_Mix Master Muggs_ See DJ Muggs

_MJG_ Marlon Goodwin (8 Ball & MJG), US MC.

_Moc Fu_ J. Jones

_Moe Love_ Maurice Smith (Ultramagnetic MC's), US DJ.

_Money B_ Ron Brooks (Raw Fusion/Digital Underground), US MC.

_Money Mark_ Mark Ramos Nishita, US producer.

_Monie Love_ Simone Johnson, UK MC.

_Mr. Dalvin_ Dalvin DeGrate (Jodeci). Dalvin is currently dating T-Boz from TLC.

_Mr. Funkyman_ Al'Terik Wardrick (Lords of the Underground)

_Mr. Hyde_ Alonzo Brown (Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde), US MC.

_Mr. Mike_ Michael Walls (South Circle), US MC.

_Mr. Mixx_ David Hobbs (2 Live Crew), US DJ.

_Mr. Walt_ Walter Dewgarde (Da Beatminerz)

_Ms. Melodie_ Ramona Parker (Boogie Down Productions), US MC.

_The Mystic_ Mohammed Bilal


[LINK]-[USEMAP] _________________________________________________________________

-- N --

_Nas_ Nasir Jones, US MC.

_Nate Dogg_ Nathan Hale, US MC.

_Nate the Great_ Jonathon Matthews (Kool Rock Jay), US MC.

_Neb Luv_ Danielle Hollis (Five Footer Crew, G-Funk Era)

_Nick Wiz_ Nick Loizides, US producer.

_Nic Wiz_ N. Loizides

_Nikke? Nicole!_ Nicole Miller, US producer and MC.

_Nikki D_ Nichele Strong

_Nine Double M_ D. Keyes

_NME_ Brandon Davis

_N.O. Joe_ Joseph Johnson, US producer.

_Nonchalant_ Tanya Pointer, US MC.

_Noodles_ See Master Killa.

_Norty_ Norty Cotto, US producer.

_Notorious B.I.G._ Christopher Wallace

_N.W.A._ Niggaz With Attitudes


[LINK]-[USEMAP] _________________________________________________________________

-- O --

_Ol' Dirty Bastard_ Russell Jones (Wu-Tang Clan)

_O.C._ Omar Credle, US MC.

_OC_ Oscar Edriguez, US MC.

_One Eye Q_ Ayo Dele Ajaji (One Eye-Q=Young Wizdom), Swedish MC.

_Opio_ Opio Lindsey (from hieroglifics)

_Overlord X_ Benjamin Balogun, UK MC.


[LINK]-[USEMAP] _________________________________________________________________

-- P --

_Pal Joey_ Joey Longo, US producer.

_Panic_ Larry Watford, US producer.

_Papa D_ Daniel Wahgren (Brooklyn Funk Essentials), Swedish MC.

Paris Oscar Jackson Jr.

_Payday_ Travis Kingdom

_P-Dog_ See Paris

_PE_ Public Enemy

_Pedda Ped_ Peder Ernroth (Just D), Swedish MC.

_Pee Wee_ P.W. Mollerfors (Sherlock), Swedish MC.

_Pee Wee_ Ramone Valentine (Digital Underground/Gold Money), US MC.

_Pepa_ Sandra Denton (Salt-N-Pepa), US MC.

_Pete Nice_ Peter J. Nash (3rd Bass), US MC.

_Pete Rock_ Peter Phillips, US DJ and producer.

_the Peterman_ Original name of Rapper Big Mike, solo artist formerly with the Convicts and Geto Boys. _Smoke 'em & choke 'em like the motherfuckin' Peterman_ -- Snoop Doggy Dog on Dr. Dre's Chronic album (??? [??])

_Phesto_ Damani Thompson (Souls Of Mischief)

_Phife_ Malik Taylor (A Tribe Called Quest), US MC.

_Piano Man_ Darin Whittington (Digital Underground/Force One Network).

_Pinkey_ Ray Velazquez, US producer.

_Play_ Christopher Martin (Kid 'N Play), US MC.

_PMD_ Parrish J. Smith (EPMD), US MC.

_Poc Fu_ L. Maturine

_Poke_ Jean Claude Olivier, US producer.

_Polarbear_ Bjorn Soderberg, Swedish producer.

_Pooh-Man_ See MC Pooh.

_Poppa LQ_ Kenneth Green, US MC.

_Posdnuos_ Kelvin Mercer (De La Soul), US MC.

_Pras_ Michel Prakazrel, US MC.

_Premier_ Chris Martin, US producer.

_Primo_ Carlton Martin

_Prince Be_ Attrell Cordes (PM Dawn), UK MC.

_Prince Markie D_ Mark Morales (Fat Boys), US producer and MC.

_Prince P._ Leonerist Johnson (Young & Restless)

_Prince Paul_ Paul Huston, US producer.

_Prince Quick Mix_ V. Piagneri (Nubian Crackers)

_Prince Rakeem the RZA_ Robert Diggs (Wu-Tang Clan)

_Prince Whipper Whip_ James Whipper, US MC.

_Principle_ Robbie Laskar, UK MC.

_Prode'je_ Austin Patterson (South Central Cartel), US MC.

_Professor Griff_ Richard Griffin (Public Enemy), US MC.

_Professor Lazy Rock_ Eric Bridges (Success N Effect), US MC.

_Professor X_ Lumumba Robert Carson (X Clan), US MC and manager.

_Psycho Les_ Lester Fernandez (The Beatnuts), US MC.

_Puba_ See Grand Puba.

_Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard_ T. Horton

_Puffy/Puff Daddy_ Sean Combs


[LINK]-[USEMAP] _________________________________________________________________

-- Q --

_Q Ball_ Qur'an Goodman, US MC.

_QDIII_ Quincy Delight Jones III, US producer and MC.

_Q-Tip_ Jonathan Davis (A Tribe called Quest), US MC.

_Queen Latifah_ Dana Owens, US MC.

_Quickie_ Eric Huntington (Explicit Lyrics)


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-- R --

_Raekwon the Chef_ Corey Woods (Wu-Tang Clan). Chef stands for Criminals Have to Eat Food.

_Rafiyq_ Torren Williams.

_Rahiem_ Guy Todd Williams, US MC.

_Rake_ Keith Rose, US MC.

_Rakim_ William Griffin, US MC.

_Ralph M._ Ralph Medrano (Funkdoobiest), US DJ.

Rappin' 4-tay Anthony Fort, US MC.

_Rappin' Ron_ Ron Royster, US MC.

_Rashinel_ R. Trammel (Hobo Junction), US MC.

_Ras Kass_ John Austin

_Ray Boogie_ Ray Ramos (Evil Twins)

_Ray Dogg_ Raymond Scott (Almighty RSO)

_Rayvon_ Bruce A.M. Brewster

_Raz_ Rasmus Lindwall (Rob N Raz), Swedish DJ and producer.

_Real Roxanne_ Joanne Martinez, US MC.

_Real Thorough_ R. Taylor

_Rebel MC_ Mike West, UK MC.

_Reddy Red_ Collins Lyaseth (Geto Boys), US DJ.

_Red Fox_ Gareth Shelton

_Redhead Kingpin_ David Guppy, US MC.

_Red Hot Lover Tone_ Samuel Barnes

Redman Reggie Noble, US MC.

_Remedee_ Debbie Pryce, UK MCska.

_Resurrector_ See Prince Rakeem the RZA.

_Rhythm D_ David Weldon, US producer. Ruthless Records main producer.

_Rhythm Layer Riccola_ Andre Brintley (Menace To Society), US DJ.

_Richie Rich_ See DJ Daddy

_Richie Rich_ Richard Serrell

_Rob_ Robert Wtz (Rob N Raz), Swedish DJ and producer.

_Rob B_ Robert Birch (Stereo MC's), UK MC.

_Rob Base_ Rob Ginyard, US MC.

_Rob-O_ Robert Odindo

_Rob Quest_ Robert McQueen, US producer.

_Rob Swift_ Rob Aguilar (X-Men), US DJ.

_Rock Ski_ Dele Shekoni, Swedish producer.

_Rockwilder_ D. Stinson

_Roc Rider_ Anthony Williams, US DJ.

_Rocwilder_ Dana Stinson, US producer.

_Rode;_ Rodrigo Pencheff (Infinite Mass), Swedish MC and producer.

_Rodney P_ Rodney Panton, UK MC.

_Rod _ Rodrigo Pencheff (Infinite Mass), Swedish MC and producer.

_Rollie Fingers_ See Inspectah Deck.

_Romeo_ Dominic Aldridge, US producer.

_Ron C_ Ronald Pierre Carey, US MC.

_Ron Scratch_ Ron Walsh, US DJ.

_Roxanne Shante_ Lolita Shante Gooden, US MC.

_Ruler Master Rock_ Greig Rock, US MC.

_Run_ Joseph Simmons (Run-DMC), US MC. Run's brother, Russel Simmons is the founder of Def Jam records among other things.

_Rundu_ Rod Whitehead (Side FX), US MC.

_RZA_ See Prince Rakeem the RZA.


[LINK]-[USEMAP] _________________________________________________________________

-- S --

_Saafir_ Reggie Gibson

_Sadat X_ D. Murphy (Brand Nubian), US MC.

_Salt_ Cheryl James (Salt-N-Pepa), US MC.

_Sam Sever_ Sam Citrin, US producer.

_Sam Sneed_ Sam Anderson, US producer and MC.

_Sammy B_ Samuel Burwell (Jungle Brothers), US DJ.

_Sassy C_ Michelle Franklin (JJ Fad), US MC.

_Sauce_ Todd Gaither, US MC.

_Saucrates_ A. Wailoo

_Scarface_ Brad Jordan (Geto Boys), US MC.

_Schoolly D_ Jesse B. Weaver Jr., US MC.

_Scorpio_ Eddie Morris (Younger Generation/Furious Five), US MC.

_Scott La Rock_ Scott Sterling (Boogie Down Productions), US DJ.

_Sean C_ Sean Matthews, US DJ.

_See Que_ Cherno Jah, Swedish MC.

_Sen Dog_ Senen Reyes (Cypress Hill), US MC.

_Shabba Ranks_ Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon

_Shah_ Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest)

_Shallah Raekwon_ See Raekwon the Chef.

_Sham_ K. Gill (Sham & The Professor)

_Shawn J-Period_ S. Jones

_She_ Sheila Spencer, US MC.

_Shinehead_ E.C. Aiken Jr.

_Shock G/Shockalock_ Gregory E. Jacobs (Digital Underground), US MC.

_Shockin' Shaun_ Shaun Harrison (Skinny boys), US MC.

_Shorty_ Jerome Washington (Lench Mob), US MC.

_Shorty_ Zach Flowers (Explicit Lyrics)

_Shorty No Mas_ Terresa Thompson

_Showbiz_ Rodney Lemay

_Shuga_ Chris Liggo.

_Shy D_ Peter Jones, US MC.

_Shyheim the Rugged Child_ Shyheim Franklin, US MC.

_Silk_ Vickie Jordan (Silk Tymes Leather)

_Simple E_ Erica Williams, US MC.

_Sinister_ Joe Wright, US DJ.

_Sir Downset_ Daniel Leonard

_Sir Jinx_ Tony Wheatob (C.I.A.), US MC and producer.

_Sir Mix A Lot_ Anthony Ray, US MC.

_Sir Raphael_ John Allen.

_Sir Scratch_ Shawn McKenzie (Main Source), US DJ.

_Sister Souljah_ Lisa Williamson, US MC.

_Skoob_ Willie Hines (Das EFX), US MC.

_Sleek_ Kerwin Young, US producer.

_Sleepy_ Patrik Elofsson, Swedish DJ.

_Sleepy John_ Johnny Rivers, US producer.

_Slice_ Michael Brown (Kool Rock Jay), US DJ.

Slick Rick Ricky Walters, UK/US MC.

_Slim Kid 3_ Trevant Hardson (Pharcyde), US MC.

_Slugster_ Ryan Madayag

_Smooth_ Juanita Stokes

_Smooth_ Ira McLaughlin, US MC.

_Smooth Bee_ Darryl Barnes (Nice & Smooth), US MC.

_Smoothe Da Hustler_ D. Smith

_Smoove_ Kenny Kornegay.


LeBaron Frost

Snoop Doggy Dogg Calvin Broadus, US MC.

_Snow_ Darrin O'Brien

_Snupe_ Duane Lee (Hieroglyphics), US MC.

_Son Doobie_ Jason Vasquez (Funkdoobiest), US MC.

_Son Of Bazerk_ T. Allen

_Soul Man_ Kevin Jones, US MC.

_Speech_ Todd Thomas (Arrested Development), US MC.

_Speed Knock_ Fredrik Lundbom (Sherlock), Swedish MC.

Spice 1 Robert Green Jr.

_Spinderella_ Latoya Silk (first Salt-N-Pepa, later solo), US DJ. Was their first DJ and featured on the first album.

_Spinderella_ Deedee Roper (Salt-N-Pepa), US DJ. From their second album on.

_Spirtit Philled_ Philip Hernandez (K II S), US MC.

_Special Ed_ Edward Archer, US MC.

_Spoonie Gee_ Gabriel Jackson, US MC.

_Spunk Bigga_ Anthony Blagmon.

_Spyder D_ Duane Hughes, US MC.

_Steady B._ Warren McGlone (C.E.B.), US MC.

_Steve_ Steve Leonard (Knuckleheadz), US MC.

_Steinski_ Steve Stein, US Producer.

_Sticky Fingaz_ Kirk Jones (Onyx), US MC.

_Stranger_ David Seisay, US/Swedish rapper.

_Stretch_ Randy Walker (Live Squad), US MC & producer.

_Studio Ton_ Ton Whiteman (Sick Wid It's producer)

_Suga T_ T. Stevens (The Click), sister of E-40 and D-Shot, cousin of B-Legit and Mac Mall.

_Super Cat_ William Maragh

_Super Jay_ James Harrison (Skunny Boys), US MC.

_Super Lover C_ Calente Fredericks

_Super Rhymes_ Jimmy Spicer

_Suzie Q_ Susan Banfield (Cookie Crew), UK MC.

_Sweat_ Lamond Cogdell, US MC.

_Sweed LD_ Djuana Johnican (Oaktown 357), US MC.

_Sweet Id_ Djuana Johnican (Oaktown's 357's), US MC.

_Sweet Tee_ Tanya Winley (Daughter of record label owner Paul), US MC.

_Sweets_ K. Lyda

_Swing_ Richard Anthony Silva, US/Swedish MC.


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-- T --

_Tajai_ Tajai Massey (Hieroglyphics)

_Tank_ Adrian McRae.

_Tank West_ C. Pettus

_Tash_ Rico Smith, US MC.

_T-Boz_ Tionne Watkins (TLC)

_Teardrop_ Darryl Willis, US MC.

_Tears_ Johnny Johnson, US MC.

_Tee_ Jay Trujillo (N2 Deep), US MC.

Terminator X Norman Rogers (Public Enemy), US DJ.

_Terrible T_ Tabatha King (Oaktown 357), US MC.

_Terry T_ Terry Butler, US producer.

_T-Green_ Tony Green (DeathRow's bass player)

_The Theory_ C. Spradley (Variation)

_Thorough_ Rex Robinson (South Circle), US MC.

_Three D_ Louis King, US DJ.

_Thug Life_ 2-Pac's group: Syke, Macadoshish, Mopreme, The Rated R.

_Thugsta_ N. Jones

_Timbaland_ Tim Mosley

_Tim Dog_ Timothy Blair, US MC.

_T Money_ T.J. Kelsie (Original Concept, Yo! MTV Raps), US MC and TV Presenter.

_Toddy Tee_ Todd Howard, US MC.

_Tom J_ Tom Jiminez (Knuckleheadz), US MC.

_Tomahawk Funk_ Pachenco, Tyrone (Funkdoobiest), US MC.

_Tone Capone_ Anthony Gillmour, US producer.

_Tone Loc_ Anthony Smith, US MC.

_Tony D_ Tony Dofat

_Tony D_ Anthony Depulla, US producer.

_Tony G_ Tony Gonzales, US producer.

_Tony O_ John Ortiz, US MC.

_Tony Rhome_ Anthony Johnson (Almighty RSO)

_Tony Starks_ See Ghostface Killer.

_Tony Tee_ Anthony Edwards, US MC.

Too $hort Todd Shaw, US MC.

_Top Quality_ T. Robinson

_Total K-Oss_ Anthony Stewart (Above the Law), US MC.

_Tragedy, The Intelligent Hoodlum_ Percy Chapman (Intelligent Hoodlum), US MC.

_T Ray_ Ray Todd, US producer.

_Treach_ Anthony Criss (Naughty by Nature), US MC.

_Trigger Tha Gambler_ T. Smith

_Triple X_ Tomie James

_Tripploc_ Deion Williams (Tha Twinz), US MC.

_TR Love_ Trevor Randolph (Ultramagnetic MC's), US MC.

_Trouble_ Latasha Rogers, US MC.

_Trouble T-Roy_ Troy Dickson (Heavy D & The Boyz)

_TRS_ Ted Smith (Nati Nemesis)

_True Blue Killa_ Dante Franklin

_True Master_ D. Harris

_Trugoy_ See Dove

_T Ski Valley_ T. Cox, US MC.

_Tunes_ Nicolas Lockett, UK MC.

_Turbo B._ Benito Benites (Snap)


[LINK]-[USEMAP] _________________________________________________________________

-- U --

_U-God_ Lamont Harris (Wu-Tang Clan), aka Golden Arms, Lucky Hands.

_Uncle L_ See L.L. Cool J

_The Undercover Brother_ M. Napuri (Nubian Crackers)

_Unknown DJ_ Andre Manuel, US producer.


[LINK]-[USEMAP] _________________________________________________________________

-- V --

Vanilla Ice Robert van Winkle, US MC.

_Verb_ Larry Dobson, US MC.

_Vinny_ Vinny Brown (Naughty by Nature), US MC.

_Volume 10_ Dino Hawkins, US MC.


[LINK]-[USEMAP] _________________________________________________________________

-- W --

_Warlock_ Darnell Adams (Knight of the Turntables), US DJ.

Warren G. Warren III Griffin, US producer and MC. Warren is Dr. Dre's half-brother, they have the same mother.

_Wayniac_ DeWayne Williams (Tha Twinz), US MC.

_Whodini_ John Fletcher, US MC.

_Willie D_ William Dennis (Geto Boys), US MC.

_Will Roc_ William Griffin, US MC.

_Willy D._ William Broady (Boogie Down Productions), US MC.

_Willy Gunz_ William Morris.

_Wino_ Bryan Dobbs, US DJ.

_Wi$h Bone_ Byron McCane (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)

_Wonder Mike_ Michael Wright (Sugarhill Gang), US MC.

_Woody Wood_ Duerward Beale (Three Times Dope), US DJ.


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-- X --

_X Ray_ Raymond Williams, US DJ.


[LINK]-[USEMAP] _________________________________________________________________

-- Y --

_Ynot_ Toni Craig

_Yomo_ Y. Smith

_Young Lay_ Lathan Williams, US MC.

_Young MC_ Marvin Young, US MC.

_YoYo_ Yolanda Whitaker

_Yukmouth_ Jerold Ellis Jr. (Luniz), US MC.

_YZ_ Anthony Hill, US MC.


-- Z --

_Z_ Johnny Zunino (N2 Deep), US DJ & producer.

_Zak_ Zak Tell (Clawfinger), Swedish MC.

_Zeb Rock_ Sebastian Woolgar (Sherlock), Swedish DJ.

_Zev Love X_ D. Dumile (KMD)

_Zone-TDK_ M. Pickett (The Next School)



Below is a list of things that we are still too insecure about to enter them in the Dictionary. If you know more than us, or if you have something to add to this wishlist, let us know!

_wilding_ Check out this mail we received:

_I have heard that the term "Wilding" didn't exist before the 1989 Central Park Jogger attack in NYC. At the time, I remember some people questioned whether the term the kids used in the interrogation was actually "Wild Thing". Do you happen to know whether "wilding" or "buckwilding" were in use prior to the attack, or have they come into being as a result of the publicity surrounding the case? My wife would appreciate any leads you can offer...she's doing a documentary on the case. _

Can anyone tell us more? _"across the street you was wilding"_ -- Nas (?? [1996])

_trump_ _"cause Snoop dog is trump tight like the virgin-surgeon"_ -- Snoop Dog (Tha Shiznit [??])

_227_ _"The Federal government is pulling a 227 on you, G!"_ -- Flavor Flav. Might have something to do with the old sitcom "227" about a brownstone housing development and the black families that lived there.

_dulo_ _"you know i don't take a dulo lightly"_ -- Cypress Hill (Insane in the brain)

_ironing sweaters_ Does it mean in jail? A quote would be nice.

_serve_ (v) We're looking for a definition of _"getting served"_ or _"getting my serve on"_. _"It's too much, I serve too many people and when I've finished servin' ain't gonna be no sequel"_ -- Tha Dogg Pound (New York, New York [??])

_word up_ Somebody asked us what this means. At first I thought, what a strange question, but on second thought it's interesting to find out some etymology behind this! What's up with word up! :-)

_bent_ _"You got me bent like elbows, amongst other things"_ -- Outkast (Aliens [???]).

_Years!_ For some of the quoted lyrics we have managed to come up with the year of release of the album. If you recognize a quote and have the album, be a dear and let us know...

_Names!_ We want to know as many names of as many rap artists as possible. Also which group contained which people, background on people, stuff like that. Heck, even gossip will do! Currently we're looking for:

+ _Crazy Tunes, Coolio's DJ_ + _Father Dom_ + _Jon B_ + _Pharoahe Monch from Organized Konfusion_ + _Prince Po(etry) from Organized Konfusion_ + _R-Beesh from Potna_ + _Soon E MC_

Or perhaps you know the first names of these:

+ _Big L_ (L. Coleman) + _Big Noyd_ (T. Perry) + _Bounty Killer_ (R. Pryce) + _Capleton_ (C. Bailey) + _C-Knight_ (A. Blount (DoveShack)) + _Daddy Freddy_ (S. Small) + _DJ Akshun Luv_ (R. Williams) + _DJ Shadow_ (J. Davis) + _Doo-Wop_ (R. Gonzalez) + _Fatal_ (J. Burgos) + _Funkmaster Flex_ (A. Taylor) + _Gangste D_ (D. Barnett (SecondIINone)) + _Izzy-Ice_ (I. Francois (Da King & I)) + _Jah Skilz_ (J. Carthorn) + _Jayo Felony_ (J. Savage) + _J-Sw!ft_ (J. Martinez) + _KC Flightt_ (F. Toson Jr.) + _Kid Capri_ (D. Love) + _KK_ (K. McDonald (SecondIINone) + _Mad CJ Mack_ (B. Ross) + _Majesty_ (R. Wiggins (Da King & I)) + _Melachi The Nutcracker_ (J. Felder (Group Home)) + _Moc Fu_ (J. Jones) + _Nine Double M_ (D. Keyes) + _Poc Fu_ (L. Maturine) + _Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard_ (T. Horton) + _Saafir_ (R. Gibson) + _Shabba Ranks_ (C. Dillon) + _Shinehead_ (E.C. Aiken Jr.) + _Smooth Bee_ (D. Barnes (Nice & Smooth)) + _Son Of Bazerk_ (T. Allen) + _Suga T_ (Ms. Stevens (The Click)) + _Tank West_ (C. Pettus) + _Top Quality_ (T. Robinson) + _Zev Love X_ (D. Dumile (KMD)) + _Zone-TDK_ (M. Pickett (The Next School

(c) 1992-1996 Patrick Atoon and Niels Janssen