S - Z

sausage jockey - gay man

Scarpa / Scarper - to run off / leave quickly - rhyming slang scapa flow - go

Seeing to - eg "I'd give her a good seeing to"

See you next Tuesday - an very rude accronym, C(see).U(you).N.T.

Sexton Blake - fake

Shafted (done over)

Shafting (gave her a good shafting)

Shag/Shagging/Shagged/Shagged Out - sexual intercourse, feeling tired etc..

shed load - a huge amount

Shove hapenny - game

Shell-like - ear

Shell-out - to have to pay for

Sir Anthony Blunt - Cunt


Spanner - idiot



Stork - erection

Strike a light

Stuffing - "give her a good stuffing"

Stunner ('stunnah !') very good looking bird

suss - savvy/knowhow. eg. "He got a lot of suss"

sussed / sussed out - can mean found out / discovered, or well-adjusted / together

badly sussed - what someone might say if they catch you out. For example if you dissagree with someone on a point and are then proved wrong the other person might say "Badly sussed mate !"

Sweeny Todd - flying squad - barber who turned people into pies, TV show 'The Sweeny'

Syrup of figs - wig

Tadger, tadge

Tanked / Tanked up - very drunk

Taters - potatoes in the mould - cold

Tea leaf - thief

Thrupenny bits - tits - "froops !"

Tits up - gone wrong

(on your) Todd - Todd Sloane - own - jockey 

Tooled up (armed)

Tooled (drunk)

Trog - ugly girl

Trots - runs

Trouble and strife

Trouser action - sex

Takes the biscuit

up for it - (also well up for ...)

Uncle Tom Cobley and all

Vinegar stroke


Wank stain

Wankered - drunk

Wazz - urinate

Weasel and stoat - coat


Well Ard/Hard

well up for it

Whistle and flute - suit

Willy nilly - not strictly a slang phrase, but used often, comes from the old English - will he or will he not

window licker - a name for the sort of  'nutter' who sits next to you on the bus and does something weird. Have heard this one from a number of people but Lee Austin sent me a 'survey form' with it on so he gets the credit.


Zeig Heils - piles