London slang O - R

(do the) off /frank - leave, frank bough

off my face

Old boy / old chap - penis

One eye - hole at end of penis

On the game - a prostitute

Over the moon

Parky - cold

Pear shaped - all gone wrong

Pen and ink - stink


Pillow biter - homosexual - anal sex etc....

Pipe off

Piss off / pissed off



Piss-up - a drinking session

Plates of meat - feet

Plonker - idiot, fool

ponce - usual meaning - queer. now used

Pony and trap - crap , clap

Pork pies - eyes / lies

Porkies - lies , porky pies

Pony and trap - crap, clap (vd)

Pony (monetary value ??) "I put a pony in my pocket.."

Pork Pie(s) - Lie(s)

Porkies - shortening of rs "pork pies" eg "youre telling porkies my son !"

Pump my nadds (nadgers)

Rabbit - rabbit and pork - talk

Ramped - drunk

Rasberry ripple - nipple

Readies - money


Richard the Third - turd

(a) right Charlie - see - Charlie Ronce

Rosey Lee - tea

Ruby - Murray - curry

(do a) runner - leave an area unexpectedly, or the scene of a crime promptly. eg "Where that bastard gone ?  I bet he's done a runner !".

Rug - wig