Juvenile prison slang


Bar--roo: Bullshit, you are bullshitting, I don't believe you

BATS: Behavioral Action Tickets. Forms used in Illinois that are part of a reward/punishment system. In conjunction with "levels" it assigns privleges.

Blessed In: Initiated into a gang by a beating. (Ind.)

Beat-out: Lost something some way or another, usually conned out of it, through deception.

Bogus: Wrong, unfair, untrue...

Bone: In disfavor after doing something wrong, as in "He's on bone." Usually refers to something personal rather than official.

Boongie: A correctional officer. (Florida)

Bomb: The best.

Bricks: The outside, "on the bricks."

Bug: Fight. (Ohio)

Bull Pen: Holding area in Illinois, where youth are held while it is decided whether or not they will be confined in a single cell or room. Sometimes the bull pen is used for a cooling off period.

Bumped: Stolen, also used to indicate someone had gotten into another youth's room because certain doors can be bumped hard enough to be opened without a key. (Illinois)

Bumping Ugly's: Having sex.

Coat Party: Throwing a coat over a youth's head and shoulders (so he can't see) and beating him with fists and feet. This is usually done for non-payment of a debt.

Courtin In: Initiation into a gang.

Crazy as a road lizzard: South Chicago expression. Presumably the hapless lizzard ventures out onto the highway to sun itself because it's warm and inhales the fumes, making him crazy...

Crib: One's home, house, customary place of residence

Dis: Disrespect-negative comment or gang sign (such as a hand signal showing the opposing gang sign upside down). The "dis" is usually to the recipient's gang, but is sometimes personal, "Your mother..."

DOC'd Placed into DOC/Department of Corrections. Pronounced as "docked." (Illinois)

Duck: Someone who does something for another, taking all the risk -- usually someone lower on an organizational ladder

Fag Role: Acting as if one was sexually interested in another inmate, as in "playing the fag role.". This is usually done in order to tease or provoke a peer.

Feenin': Really need

GankedStolen, same as "bumped."

Gladiator School: A facility where there is (at least by reputation) considerable fighting.

Gone From It: Through discussing something; something that is no longer a problem

Homie: kindred spirits.

Hit a Lick: Committing an armed robbery. (Ind.)

Hit It: Having sex, as in "Let me hit it,"(Ind.)