Dictionary of Civil War slang

Expression Meaning
All shit and no sugar No fun
Blow on him Tell on him
Brevet Eagle Turkey
Brevet Horse Mule
Bug juice Whiskey
Capting Captain
Comrade Fellow soldier
Cracker line Supply line
Critters Lice and vermin
Dog robber Soldier cooking for his mess
Draughts Checkers
Draw your furrow straighter Tell the truth
Flicker Coward, as a verb "to retreat"
Fresh fish Raw recruits
Grab a root Go eat
Grey back Louse
Hoofing it Marching
Horse Collar Blanket roll
Lead pills Bullets
Lef-tennant Lieutenant
Manure Spreaders Cavalry
Nuts for us boys Easy for us
Pard Best buddy
Play off Shirk duty
Played out Exhausted
Puny list Sick call
Putting on style Putting on airs
Salt horse Salted beef
Sashay around Frolic
See the elephant See combat for the first time
Sinkers Biscuits
Skedaddled Retreated
Skirmishin' Picking lice out of clothing
Traps Gear
Toad stabber Sword or bayonet
Veal Raw recruits
Wag Joker
Who wouldn't be a soldier Who cares
Yaller dogs Staff officers