College slang  A - H


210 (noun) {Vulgar} A blow job. [Oxnard High School, Oxnard CA]

304 (noun) {Vulgar} A sexually promiscuous person; a hoe. [Oxnard High School, Oxnard, CA]

420 (noun) Smoking weed. [Oxnard High School, Oxnard, CA; and Da Bomb]

486 (noun) A computer that is running slow. [Clemson University, Clemson, SC]

5-O (noun) Police; cops. [Stamford, CT; and Da Bomb]

516 (noun) Long Island Iced tea. [New York, NY]

6-4 (noun) A drive-by vehicle. [University of Michigan, Ypsilanti, MI]

9-millie (noun) 9 mm gun. [Stamford, CT]

AC Slaters (int.) A way to say goodbye; peace, see ya later. [North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, NC]

Acrylic (adj.) Superficial, hard, or generally difficult to tolerate. [Santa Catalina School, Monterey, CA]

Ag (adj.) Crazy; fun. [University of San Diego, San Diego, CA] (primarily used by surfers)

Aich (eye-ch) (int.) It is a sort of universal expression which can be used to denote approval, though not in very definite terms. When you don't wanna praise something, but haveta give it some credit, you say 'aich' with apparent interest. [Bishop Cotton Boys' School, Bangalore, India]

Aight (adv. or adj.) All right. [University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA]

Ain't dat some shit! (phr.) Has both good and bad connotations, but is usually used as a response to express great awe at something someone else said. [Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD]

Ain't nuttin' (phr.) 1. Nothing is going on. 2. I don't care about fighting. [R.H. Watkins High School, Laurel, MS]

All about (phrase) 1. What is important in a given situation. [Smith College, Northampton, MA] 2. I'm all over it; I like it; I think it's good; I want some;... [Elizabethtown University, PA]

All fawked up (adj.) Really drunk; really intoxicated; really high; totally obliterated. [Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI]

All over it (phrase) To be very interested or involved in something. [University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA]

All up in (someone) (phr.) To be sexually involved with someone. [Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD]

Ally (adj.){offensive} Ghetto; of poor quality. [Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA]

Aneewayz (interjection) 1. Whatever you say. 2. A phase. [Fresno State University, Fresno, CA]

As if (phrase) Yeah, right; that’s not true. [Atlanta, GA]

Ass-master (noun) Jerk, idiot; term for someone you don't like. [University of Delaware, Newark, DE]

Ass out (adj.){possibly offensive} Broke or dumb out of luck. [Edison College, Ft. Myers, FL]

Aw Fancy...What the hell? (phrase) What?? Damn! [Oxnard High School, Oxnard, CA]

Bab (babby) (adj.) 1. Not strong--applied to week. 2. Anything that is not appealing to your personal taste. [Washington High School, Atlanta, GA]

Babbage (adj.) 1. Fake; not real. 2. Two-Faced; backstabber. [Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC]

Baby's got it goin’ on (adj. phrase) Attractive person. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]

Backward K (noun) A strikeout where the batter is struck out without swinging the bat, i.e., caught looking. [California State University at Fullerton, Fullerton, CA]

Bad (noun) Fault, responsibility. (see my bad below) [Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia; and Da Bomb]

Baggin' up (verb) Laughing uncontrollably. [University of Delaware, Newark, DE]

Bail (verb) To get out of here; to leave. [University of California at San Diego, San Diego, CA; and Da Bomb]

Ball (verb) To leave. [University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; in Da Bomb click here.]

Baller (noun) A person who is able to attract many members of the opposite sex. [University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; in Da Bomb click here.]

Bama (bamma) 1. (noun) Someone who is not hip ; someone who you think is not cool or down for whatever! [Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD] 2. (noun) A geek. [Bowie High School, Bowie, MD.] 3. (adj.) Dressed out of style; acting out of style; looking out of style. [Northern Virginia Community College, Woodbridge, VA]

Bang (verb) To have sex. [SUNY-Albany, Albany NY;JP Stevens High School, Edison, NJ]

Bangin' (adj.) 1. Of exceptional quality; cool; great; phat! 2. Fun or exciting. 3. Satisfying. [University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC; Burlington County College, Burlington, NJ; University of North Carolina-Wilmington, Wilmington, NC; JP Stevens High School, Edison, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; in Da Bomb click here.]

Barney (noun) A good-looking guy. [Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL; in Da Bomb click here.]

Bashment (noun) An event which is da bomb. [Immaculate Conception, Jamaica, W.I.]

Bashy (adj.) Cool, wicked. [Immaculate Conception, Jamaica , W.I.]

Badaud! (pronounced: bah-daw-d) (int.) Used to describe an incident, attitude or situation that is unbelievable, unspeakable. It is used to express disbelief or to a void talking about a certain topic or subject that makes one feel uncomfortable or irritated. [University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI]

Beached whale (noun) {offensive} A fat woman who makes a house look like a Barbie playhouse. [Perrysburg High School, Perrysburg, OH]

Beast (noun) Milwaukee’s best beer. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]

Be audi (verb) To be leaving. [Emporia State University, Emporia, KS; Santa Fe Trail High School, KS; and Da Bomb]

Been around the block (phrase) Used to describe a promiscuous individual. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]

Beer {vulgar} (noun) Cum, semen. [University of Western Ontario, London, Canada]

Beeyatch (Byach--pronounced "BEE-YOCH") (noun and vocative) 1. An exclamatory response to a girl that dissed ya or used to describe a chick that ain't worth mugging with. [Texas A&M University, College Station, TX] 2. (noun) An attractively fine lady, especially with an attitude. [Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN] 3. (noun and vocative) It's used to dis everyone (its not aimed towards women); a jerk. 4. (noun and vocative) Said to a friend when they tell you something outrageous. [Tampa, FL; in Da Bomb click here.]

B-ei-ei-ich (noun) Bitch. [Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA]

Benjamin (noun) A one-hundred dollar bill. [Kent State University, Cleveland, OH; in Da Bomb: Benji (n.) A one hundred dollar bill (from Benjamin Franklin). If you bring a benji on the retreat, you'll have more than enough money.]

Bent (adj.) High or intoxicated. [Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI]

Bessie (noun) Cow smell. [University of California at Davis, Davis, CA]

Best Buy (noun) A promiscuous woman. [Perrysburg High School, Perrysburg, OH]

Bet (int.) To agree to do something, to confirm or agree with. [University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC; and Da Bomb]

Betty (noun) A good-looking girl. [Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL; University of Maine, Orono, ME; and Da Bomb]

Biff (verb) To fall down, often with harsh consequences. [Seattle, Washington]

Bigg (noun) Cigarette. [Denver, CO] (Submitter notes it is used by Bloods and is offensive to Crips.)

Biggie (noun and vocative) {offensive} Someone who is dark skinned and overweight. [Baltimore, MD]

Big mama (noun) An overweight female who gets all the men; a fat girl playa. [Baltimore, MD]

Big Ole' Six (noun) Crips and GD's (gangs). [University of Jackson, Jackson, MS; Alcorn State University, Lorman, MS]

Billy Big Willy (noun) US President Clinton. [University of Western Ontario, London, Canada]

Birrrrrds (noun) A female’s breasts. [University of Louisville, Louisville, KY] (primarily used by athletes)

Bitch boy 1. (noun) Jackass; asshole. 2. (vocative) Name used for a best friend. [OSU Tech]

Bizatch (noun) A variation on Be-atch which is derived from the word Bitch. This is the term for a disliked female. However the term is used to describe both males and females with positive and negative conotations. (It's all in the enunciation) [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]

BJ (noun) Blow job; oral sex on a male. [Havelock High School, Havelock, NC]

Blew out (adj.) 1. Very drunk or high off marijuana. 2. Rough, like you didn't sleep or hadn't groomed yourself. [University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI]

Blow (verb) To get on someone’s nerves; to bother. [Washington, DC]

Blower (noun) 1. A paper towel roll with fabric softener through which you blow smoke so the fumes smell like the fabric softener. 2. A person who gets on your nerves. [Washington, DC]

Bludger (adj.) Someone who is always lazy and stuff. [Sydney, Australia]

BO (noun) Short for beat on. Used as a threat. Whack off; ass kicking or showing off...And not getting yo ass killed. [Chireno High School, Chireno, TX]

Bob (noun) A blunt twisted already. [Washington, DC]

Boce (noun) A term to describe females usually from the Maryland, DC area who are two-faced, and stuck on themselves. [North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rocky Mt., NC]

Boh-ya (phrase) In your face. [City College of New York, New York, NY]

Bomb-biggity (adj.) All that; very good. [University of Mississippi, Oxford, Ms]

Bommy (bomby) (adj.) Very good. [University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX] (primarily used by athletes)

Bones (noun) Money; dollars. [Montgomery College, Germantown, MD]

Boo (noun) Your love (girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse). [Vincennes University, Vincennes, IN; in Da Bomb click here.]

Boo-boo (adj.) Ugly (used for females). [University of California at Davis, Davis, CA; in Da Bomb click here.]

Boone (noun) Someone who stabs you in the back; someone who betrays you. [University of Tennesee, Chattanooga, TN] (primarily used by athletes)

Boot (verb) To vomit, presumably from drinking. [Williams College, Williamstown, MA]

Bootleg (adj.) Illegal or unfair. [Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH]

Bootilitious (adj.) 1. Corny. 2. Weak. [Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ]

Booty (adj.) 1. Corny. 2. Weak. [Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ] 3. Bad. [University of Georgia, Athens, GA; Raleigh, SC; in Da Bomb click here.]

Booty call (Butty call) (noun) 1. Calling a friend just to have sex. 2. Someone on the other line when the conversation is interesting. 3. A PHAT (fat) BUTT that you keep calling to come to you. [UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA; in Da Bomb click here.]

Bop (verb) To look for someone of the opposite sex. [Lamar University, Beaumont, TX]

Bop bop bop (interjection) (always used with hand movement that involves pointing at person your saying it to.) 1. That's right; you said it. 2. A greeting. [Ottawa University, Ottawa, Canada]

Bopper (noun) A guy/girl who looks for the opposite sex all the time. (ex: car bopper, bed bopper, telephone bopper). [Lamar University, Beaumont, TX]

Bosnia (noun) A boner or erection; ready for sex. [Jackson, MS]

Boss (adj.) Very cool, most excellent. [North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA; University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, WI]

Bounce (verb) To leave; to go. [California State University at Northridge, Northridge, CA; Quinnipiac College, Hamden, CT; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; West Chester University, West Chester, PA; Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, MI; Fresno State University, Fresno, CA.; Morris Brown College, Atlanta, GA; Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ; New York City, NY;and Da Bomb]

Bout it, Bout it (phrase) 1. Hip to something. (From Master P songs.) [McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA] 2. Down for whatever; in agreement. 3. Sexually active. 3.Cool. [Howard University, Washingtion D.C.] 4. Standing up for yourself. 5. To know what is up. 6. To be game. [Indianapolis, IN] 7. What are you doing. [Savannah State University, Savannah, GA]

Bouya (adj. and int.) Busted, got proven wrong. [University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC]

Bra (noun) Surfer way of saying bro (short for brother). [North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA]

Breed (verb) To have sex. [Alcorn State University, Lorman, MS] (primarily used by athletes)

Breeze (noun) A corny joke. [University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC]

Broke (brok') 1. (adj.) High or intoxicated from marijuana. [Howard University, Washington, D.C.] 2. (adj.) Intense (as in an experience). 3. (adj.) Broken or torn. 4. (verb) To break or bust. [Hawaii; in Da Bomb click here.]

Brown Bob (noun) A blunt without the weed. [Washington, DC]

Buck (verb) To intimidate someone. [Temple University, Philadelphia, PA; Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA; in Da Bomb: Da Bomb click here.]

Bud (noun) Weed; marijuana. [Bowie High School, Bowie, MD; in Da Bomb click here.]

Buddah (noun) Marijuana; chronic. [Penn State, State College, PA]

Budget (adj.) Something un-good or upsetting. Usually used understatedly as a reply to news you have just been told. [University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada; in Da Bomb click here.]

Buff (adj.) Big; muscular; brave; oversized. [Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ; and Da Bomb]

Bug (verb) To bother. [University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS]

Bugly (adj.) Butt ugly. [Ottawa Hills High School, Grand Rapids, MI]

Buji (adj.) Used to describe a person who tries to act high class or is snobby or stuck up. [Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA]

Bulldoze (verb) To put down, show up or best someone. [Chireno High School, Chireno, TX]

Bum (verb) 1. To ask to have something. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY] 2. To stress over something. [Santa Fe Trail High School, KS; in Da Bomb click here.]

Bumpy (adj.) Homosexual. [Boston, MA]

Bunk (adj.) 1. A something that is not working right; something dysfunctional. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia. NY; Penn State University, State College, PA] 2. Ugly as a dog. [U. of Maryland, College Park, MD; in Da Bomb click here.]

Burn (verb) 1. To smoke marijuana. [Troy State University, Fort Myer, VA] 2. To cook well. [Texas Christian U., Dallas, TX; in Da Bomb click here.]

Burn'n (adj.) Infected with stds. [Jackson State University, Jackson, MS]

Business class (adj.) Too large to fit in a normal-sized seat. [University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI] (primarily used by Greeks)

Bussit (verb) 1. To release, or let out. 2. To initiate something. [Brigham Young University, Provo, UT]

Bust out (verb) To leave, especially to get the hell out of somewhere you HAVE to be. [University of Vermont, Burlington, VT]

Busted (adj.) Ugly looking. [Bowie High School, Bowie, MD]

Busted in (adj.) 1. Intoxicated; drunk. 2. Hung-over. [Radford University, Radford, VA]

Buster (busta) (noun) A person who is not cool (synonymous with dork). [Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, PA] 2. A punk. [Norman high school, Norman, OK; in Da Bomb click here.]

Bust open a can of whoopass (phrase) To prepare to beat someone up/get really angry after they've done something appalling. (Usually meant as a joke between friends.) [Chabot Junior College, CA]

Butt (adj.) 1. Ugly and/or revolting. 2. Extremely drunk or way wasted. [Williams College, Williamstown, MA]

Butta Face (noun) Once you see a nice honey with an ugly face you would say: "Damn know that girl gotta Butta Face, EVERYTHING IS GOOD, BUT HER FACE". [Sydney, Australia]

Butter (adj.) Smooth; nice; attractive; very good; sweet; da bomb; the best. [Norfolk State University, Norfolk VA; University of Delaware, Wilmington, DE; Russell Sage College, Troy, NY; and Da Bomb]

Buttery (adj.) Not all that good; bad. [University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX] (primarily used by athletes)

Button (vocative) Addressed to a dear person. [Newark, CA] (primarily used by girls)

BT (noun) Bong time; it’s time to have a bong session. [Washington, DC]

Cachancha (noun) A female's genitals. [Miami University, Oxford, OH](used primarily by females)

Candy (noun) An extremely good looking guy or girl. [St.Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada]

Can I get tha holler (sentence) Can I get to know you better? Can I get your phone number? [Howard University, Washington, D.C.]

Can I live damn????? (phrase) Leave me alone; stay out of my business. [University of Maryland Easternshore, Princess Anne, MD]

Cap 1. (noun) Bullet. [Stamford, CT] 2. (verb) To shoot to intend to kill (at someone of course). [Penn State Univ., Wilkes Barre, PA; in Da Bomb click here.]

Captain save-a-ho (noun) A man who does positive things for ugly hos. [Remmington, Fayetteville, AR]

Care (verb) To not care; to not give a shit. [Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN]

Carpet Muncher (noun) {offensive} Lesbian. [University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA] (primarily used by males)

Cat (noun) A person. [Highline Community College, Des Moines, WA]

Catch feelings (verb) To get an attitude. [Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA]

Cheddar (chedda) (noun) Money. [Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI; SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY; in Da Bomb click here.]

Cheese (noun) Money. [Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI]

Cheesy times 10 (adj.) Something chessy beyond the usual realm of cheesiness; especially something gaudy or from the 80's. [Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO]

Chiba monkey (pronounced "cheebah monkey") (noun) {derogatory} A derogatory term for a frat boy; a carbon-cutout. [University of North Texas, Dallas/Denton, TX]

Chickenhead (noun) 1. An ugly person or group of ugly people. (Usually used in reference to girls who think they look good.) [Livingstone College, Salisbury, NC; Memphis, TN] 2. {vulgar} A person who performs oral sex on males. [Florida International U., Miami, FL] 3. A person (usually female) who acts in a disrespectful way and is very easy, has no respect for herself as well as her body, sleeps around with anyone or who gives head. [University of Rochester, Rochester, NY; in Da Bomb click here.]

Chicken Pie (vocative) An endearment, like Honey Bun or Sweetheart. [University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.] (Note, It can also be used between friends, but mainly female friends.)

Chief (noun) Someone who acts hard and reckons themselves and is someone you don't like. Someone who bigs themself up too much. [Brunei University, London; in Da Bomb click here.]

Chill (verb) To relax; to hang out. [Quinnebaug Valley Community Technical College, Killingly, Connecticut; Houston, TX; and Da Bomb]

Chillin (adj.) Doing fine. [Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA]

Chillin' @ the cribus maximus (verb) Hanging out @ home. [Pine Bluff High School, Pine Bluff, AR]

Chin check (noun) A hit in the jaw; a fight. [Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, MO]

Chips (noun) Money; funds; wealth or finances. [University of Colorado, Boulder, CO; Sacramento State University, Sacramento, CA; and Da Bomb]

Choad (noun) {vulgar} One who is or acts like a dickhead; a jerk. [Incirlik, Turkey (Air Force Base)]

Choke (verb) Panic. [Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA]

Chonies (noun) Underwear. [Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA]

Chronic (noun) Marijuana; weed. [Stamford, CT; and Da Bomb]

Ciced (pronounced siced, sliced without the L) (adj.) Excited. [University of California at Davis, Davis, CA]

Claim (verb) To be a member of or in, especially a gang. [San Diego, CA] (used primarily by gang members and wannabe gang members){Judi’s note: Do they go to college in San Diego?}

Clown (verb) To trip; to be bogus. [Chicago, IL; in Da Bomb click here.]

Clueless (adj.) Doesn't understand; naive. [Houston, TX; and Da Bomb]

Cock smoker {vulgar, offensive} (noun) An extreme jerk. [NYU, New York, NY]

Codger {potentially offensive} 1. (noun) A female’s genitals. 2. (vocative) A term used to refer to a close friend. [Cassville High School, Cassville, MO]

Coins (noun) Money. [Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI]

Commodore (noun) A slow-ass computer. [Northwestern University, Evanston, IL]

Coolarific (adj.) Cool and terrific. [McGill University, Montreal, Canada]

Cool as a moose (adj.) Very good; cool; da bomb. [Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA]

Cool beans (adj.) Very Cool, exceptionally cool. [Atlanta, Ga]

Cool off that (cool) (phr.) This is a phrase used to describe something that an individual is opposed to or doesn't want to participate in. [The Bay Area, CA (Oakland, San Francisco Colleges)]

Crackhead (noun) A stupid or idiotic person. [Northeastern University, Boston, MA]

Crappappella (adj.) Shitty; very bad. [Smith College, Northampton, MA]

CREAM (C.R.E.A.M.) (noun) Money. It stands for "cash rules everything around me". [Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA; and Da Bomb]

Creechy (adj.) Weird; just indescribable; every kind of weird stuff that you can think of. [Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA] (primarily used by surfers)

Crib (noun) House; home. [Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA; College of Dupage, Glen Ellyn, IL; and Da Bomb]

Crunchy (adj.) Outdoorsy, nature-loving, usually vegetarian. [Williams College, Williamstown, MA; in Da Bomb click here.]

Crunk (adj.) 1. Hype, exciting, or busy and crowded. 2. Intoxicated or high. [Georgia Southern University, Statesboro,GA; Memphis, TN] 3. Extremely excited; pumped up; feeling real good. [Georgia Southern University, Statesboro,GA; Alabama; Texas Southern University, Houston, TX] 4. Fun; live. [Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA; Morris Brown College, Atlanta, GA] 5. All that, tight, the best, good, great. 6. Crazy, loud, obnoxious. [Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN; Memphis State University, Memphis, TN; Fisk University, Nashville, TN]

Cum {vulgar} (noun) Semen. [Chireno High School, Chireno, TX]

Cum catcher {vulgar, offensive}(noun) Slut; whore; person who swallows large quantities. [Midland Lutheran College, Fremont, NE] (primarily used by males)

Cum dumpster {offensive, vulgar} (noun) One who swallows large amounts of semen or one load after another from successive guys. [Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL]

Cunt {offensive} (noun) A very good looking female. [Penn State University, Wilkes Barre, PA]

Cunter (noun) {derogatory and very offensive} (pronounced cun'er) A no good bitch who leads you on and takes you for all you're worth all the while she's bang'n some asshole guys then gives you the "nice guy" speech after she's through suck'n you dry like a vampire. [Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN]

Cuz 1. (noun) Friend. 2. (vocative) Person (name replacement). [Hawaii (primarily used by athletes); and Da Bomb]

Da beefy mac (noun) A guy who's a master pimp. [University of Florida, Gainsville, FL]

Dagger (int.) An exclamation used when you've received bad news (syn. = darn). [Northwestern College, Orange City, IA]

Da bomb diggity (adj.) Good, very good. [South Carolina University, Charleston, SC]

Da kine (noun) 1. Marijuana. 2. If you like cut you sentances down then use da kine. [Hawaii; in Da Bomb click here.]

Damn right (int.) In agreement with someone; that’s true. [University of DC, Washington,DC]

Damn straight (phrase) Correct; damn right. [Montclair State College, Montclair, NJ]

Da Nazis (noun) Anyone of authority who will break up a party (such as the Resident Advisor, Resident Director, Security or Public Safety). [Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI]

Dandelion (noun) A girl who is well kinda pretty but is a pest like the weed, Dandelion! Like if we she a gal who is trying TOO hard to be pretty but just can't pull it off, she is SUCH a Danelion! [North Bay Ontario, Canada]

Dank (adj.) The best around; top of the line. [State University of New York (SUNY), Potsdam, NY; University of Vermont, Burlington, VT; and Da Bomb]

Da 'rents (noun) Your parents or someone who likes to act like them. [Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA]

Darryl (noun & vocative) A dork; a loser; a geek. [Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA]

Da shit (adj.) Da bomb; da best; fresh in style. [JP Stevens High School, Edison, NJ; in Da Bomb click here.]

DB (noun) Dental bustulation. [New York Institute of Technology, Central Islip, NY]

Dead-ma (verb) To ignore, or to let is pass. [De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines]

Death Star (noun) Social Science Building at UCD. [University of California at Davis, Davis, CA]

Decent (adj.) Phat; really nice. [Temple University, Philadelphia, PA]

Deisel (adj.) Strong or tough. [St.Thomas, USVI]

Derlect (noun) An ignorant or funny person. [Newark, NJ]

Dickface (noun) A jerk. (Usually referring to a male.) [University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA]

Dickweed (noun) A jerk. [Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH; and Da Bomb]

Dink (noun) A stupid person, an idiot. [Fruitland, ID]

Dip (verb) To leave; to go. [Quinnipiac Colllege, Hamden, CT]

Dirt (noun) A person who dresses in all black and often is associated with the music and the memorabilia of Marylin Manson. [San Lorenzo Valley, CA]

Dirt chin (noun) Having an untidy chin with a small amount of facial hair. [Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH]

Dirty (adj.) Disgusting. [University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; in Da Bomb click here.]

Dis (verb) Short for disrespect: to show disrespect for [University of Victoria, Victoria BC Canada; UC-San Diego, San Diego, CA; and Da Bomb]

Ditty (noun) Anything, especially a small trinket, an object, a penis. [Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA]

DL (down low) (d/o) (adj.) Down low; secret. [Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ; West Chester University, West Chester, PA; Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD; and Da Bomb]

Do (verb) Have sexual intercourse. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]

Docker (boondocker) (noun) A keg party located in the desert or a similar remote area. [Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ]

Dogg (dog, dawg) (noun) Friend or homey. [California State University at Northridge, Northridge, CA; in Da Bomb click here.]

Dognutz (noun) A friend or acquaintance. [York College, York, PA]

Doh! (interjection) Oh no! Uh oh! (Thank you, Homer Simpson!) [Augustana College, Rock Island, IL]

Doke (pronounced "doooo" with the mouth only slightly open) (adj.) Cool, phat, awesome. [St. Petersburg Junior College, St. Petersburg, FL]

Dome (noun) One's head or skull. [North Carolina Central University, Durham NC; and Da Bomb]

Don't sleep (verb phrase) Don't underestimate. [Howard University, Washington, D.C.]

Don't talk with yo mouth full (int.) It’s a comeback to lame cut down. In essence, “Shut up!” [Chireno High School, Chireno, TX]

Doobs (adj.) From dubious; bad, lame, sorry, not going to cut it, unpopular. [Colgate University, Hamilton, NY] (used primarily by Greeks and athletes)

Doobie (noun) Marijuana; chronic, bud. [Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI]

Dope (adj.) Cool; interesting. [UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA; Sheridan College, Brampton, Ontario, Canada; Los Angeles, CA; Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA; in Da Bomb click here.]

Down (adj.) To be in agreement or cool with something. [University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN]

Down on you (phrase) Totally into you. [Somerdale, NJ]

Dragged (adj.) Highly intoxicated. [Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY; University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI]

Dragger (noun) Someone who is so drunk that they constantly need to be carried or dragged back to their room. [Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY; University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI]

Drain (verb) To wear out; to exhaust; to annoy. [University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD]

Draped (adj.) Consumed by something. [University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI]

Drop anchor (verb) To defecate. [Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA]

Duckelberry (noun) Penis. [Tillsonburg Ontario Canada]

Duckets (noun) Money. [Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA; and Da Bomb]

Dud (noun) An uncool person. [Grand Island High School, Grand Island, NY]

Dude, fuckin... (interjection) Used as the appropriate introduction to any sentence. [Kent State University, Kent, OH]

Duece-duece (noun) A 22-oz beer. [Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI]

Eddie (noun) Stupid comments made or something silly done. [Baltimore, MD]

El (noun) A marajuana cigarette. [Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ]

Erf (interjection) General expression of stress or confusion. [University of Houston, Houston, TX]

Errr..... (adj.) Crazy, stupid or dumb. [Redlands Community College, El Reno, OK]

Face time (noun) A chance to meet people, usually of opposite sex. [Cornell University, Ithaca, NY]

Faded (adj.) Intoxicated; totally drunk. [University of Nevada, Reno, Reno, NV; and Da Bomb]

Fake pony (noun) Someone who wears a weave or fake hair. [Atlanta, GA]

Fed(s) (noun) Money. [Salt Lake City, UT]

Feen (verb) To crave. [UC-San Diego, San Diego, CA]

FIDO (int.) An acronym for F*** It, Drive On - a term of emotional resignation, getting past some set back or the like. [University of Georgia, Athens, GA]

Fiend (verb) To be in a psychological marijuana withdrawal, to greatly desire to smoke weed. [Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD; University of Delaware, Newark, DE]

Fierce (adj.) 1. Excited. 2. Spastic. [Ohio University, Athens,OH]

Fine (pronunciation: fi eeen) (adj.) Really good looking, as in a girl. [Smithfield, VA]

Fire (noun) Marijuana. [Jackson State University, Jackson, MS]

Fire Girl (noun) A fine girl who is a hoodrat. [Southern University, New Orleans, LA]

Fish (noun) A female's vaginal area. [Morris Brown College, Atlanta, GA]

Fitshaced (adj.) Drunk, wasted, shitfaced. [Ohio University, Athens,OH]

Flailin’ (adj.) 1. Performing poorly. 2. Really intoxicated (mostly by weed). [North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, NC]

Flex (verb) To show off. [Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA]

Flick (noun) Movie; motion picture. [Houston, TX; and Da Bomb]

Flictatious (adj.) To look beat, tired, out of the ordinary or busted. [Passaic County Community College, Paterson, NJ]

Flip da script (verb) 1. Turn the tables. 2. To Avenge, especially revenge against an estranged lover. [Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA]

Flossin’ (adj.) Looking good; styling. [Paducah Community College, Paducah, KY]

Foe shizzy (interjection) For sure. [Oxnard High, Oxnard, CA]

Foine (adj.) Attractive. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]

Foo (vocative) Fool; used to replace a friend’s name. [Piner High, Santa Rosa, CA]

Food 1. (verb) To eat. 2. (noun) An event in which edibles are consumed. [University of California at Los Angeles, Westwood, CA]

For real (fo' real) (interjection) 1. That's true; I agree. [University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA; Hawaii] 2. Statement of alarm. 3. Statement of threat. [Hawaii] (primarily used by athletes)

40 (forty) (noun) A 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor. [University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX; in Da Bomb: 40s (fortys) (n.) Forty-ounce bottles of beer. Let's go to the liquor store and get some 40s.]

Freakyfreak (freakyfreak of the week) 1. (noun) Someone who is really strange. 2. (vocative) A term of affection used between friends. [Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH] (used primarily by athletes)

Freak some'in {possibly offensive}(verb) It means for a girl to do something hoish or triflin. Or to dance all up on a nigga. [Dekalb College, Dunwoody,GA]

Freek (adj.){vulgar}A ho; a slut. [Baltimore, MD; in Da Bomb click here.]

Fried (adj.) 1. Intoxicated. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY] 2. High on marijuana. [St.Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; and Da Bomb]

Friendasaurus (noun) The one less-attractive friend out of a group of friends, male or female. Usually the one who doesn't get many dates, etc. [Illinois State University, Normal, IL]

Front (verb) To talk about someone behind their back and then deny it to their face. [University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, AR] 2. You play yourself in front of others and you try to start something with some peoples. [Quinnipiac College, New Haven, CT] 3. To confront someone about your differences with them. [San Diego, CA; in Da Bomb click here.]

Fruity (adj.) 1. Gay 2. Really odd, fits in with nobody. [Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA]

Fucked up (adj.) Intoxicated. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]

Fucknut (noun) A stupid person; a dumbass; someone who fucks up a lot. [Palm Beach Community College, West Palm Beach, FL]

Fuckrey (noun) Something untrue; bullshit. [Florida A & M, Tallahassee, FL]

Fucksauce gobbler {vulgar, probably offensive} (noun) A person who swallows semen from a bodily orifice after it has been produced during an act of intercourse. [Harvard University, Cambridge, MA]

Fugly (adj.) F***in' ugly (usually used to describe a girl). [University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV; Modesto Junior College, Modesto, CA; San Diego, CA; and Da Bomb]

Fully (adv.) Completely; totally. [Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL]

Funk (noun) Body odor. [University of Houston, Houston, TX]

Funna (phr.) About to; going to. [Leesville, LA]

Game (adj.) Attractive; worthy of personal attention in the dating sense. [Suffolk County Community College, Long Island, NY; in Da Bomb click here.]

Ganga (adv. or adj.) Very; a lot of. [Merced, CA]

Gangsta (noun) A member of a Black gang. [Tampa, FL]

Gank (verb) To steal; to grab; to swipe. [University of Tennesee, Knoxville, TN; Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA;University of Georgia, GA; University of Dayton, Dayton, OH; Pine Bluff High School, Pine Bluff, AR; and Da Bomb]

Gattor mouth (noun) 1. Someone who talks too much. 2. A girl who gives head. [Vincennes University, Vincennes, IN]

Gay (adj.) Stupid; acting in a moronic way; crazy. [Ohio Dominican College, Columbus, Ohio]

Gaybert {likely to be offensive} (noun) A homosexual. [University North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC]

G'd up (verb phrase) Modified and made more valuable. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]

Gear (noun) Clothing. [UC-San Diego, San Diego, CA; and Da Bomb]

Geck 1. (noun) A unique individual who is oblivious to the fact that they are so different. (Short for gecko.) 2. (noun) A person who uses l.s.d. 3. (verb) To lose ego or awareness in self. [University of Florida, Gainesville, FL] (used by all non-Greeks esp. those into drug culture)

Geedis (noun) All the knowledge and experience required to be an expert at something. [ASU, Tempe, AZ]

Geek monster (noun){offensive} A woman who is a crack addict and whores herself for hits. [Atlanta, Ga]

Gerber chicken (noun){offensive} A dork, a gay person, or a woman or a woman who likes to give random BJ's. [Atlanta, Ga]

Gerp (verb) To do something while you are not focused on what you are doing; to do something while you are scatter-brained. [East Bay, Berkeley, CA]

Get (int.) When someone says something or does something really stupid or they are getting on your nerves just tell them to get! [Leesville, LA]

Get it on (verb) To have sex. [OSU, Columbus, OH]

Get off me old skool; this boy right here gonna show you somethin you aint never seen before (sentence) You say this when you are playing ball because it gets the man pissed. [CSUN, Northridge, CA]

Get (one's) swerve on (verb) 1. To have sex. 2. To make out. [University of Nevada, Reno, Reno, NV]

Get retarded (verb) 1. Get wildstyle. 2. Get ‘bout it. [Arkansas]

Get skooled (verb) 1. To learn a hard lesson. 2. To get information. [University of Texas, San Antonio, TX]

Get that dick outcho ass {vulgar} (int.) It’s a come back to lame cut down. In essence, “Shut up!” [Chireno High School, Chireno, TX]

Get that jizz out of you ears {vulgar} (int.) Listen! [Chireno High School, Chireno, TX]

Gettin' the giddie (verb) Engaging in sexual activity. [Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN] (primarily used by Greeks)

G/g (phrase) Gotta go. [Havelock High School, Havelock, NC]

Ghetto (ghetto-ass) {often offensive}(adj.) 1. Of poor quality. 2. Old or out of style. [University Wisconsin-Madison, Madison,WI; Gilbert Community College, Chandler, AZ]

Ghetto fabulous (adj.) A good thing that is ghetto. [University of Nebraska-Omaha, Omaha, NE]

Ghetto Sled (noun) A car that looks like it has gone through hell and back but which the driver thinks its the shit. [Penn State University, Wilkes Barre, PA]

Giddie (noun) Giddie is cool. If a party is cool, you say "Can I get a Giddie on this party?" The crowd should then respond with "Giddie!" [Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN] (primarily used by Greeks)

Gig {vulgar} (verb) To have sex with a large amount of people in one night or at one time. [Callaway High School, Jackson, MS]

Gigin' (adj.) Fun, poppin; people will be there. [Contemporary Learning Academy, Denver, CO]

Gimped out (adj.) Messed up; retarded-looking. [Ottawa Hills High School, Grand Rapids, MI]

Girked (adj.) High on heroin; really high. [Twentynine Palms, CA]

God Squad (noun) Religious studies majors. [Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT]

Go go Gadget ego. (interjection) A reply to a statement that sounds too egotistical. [Bradley University, Peoria, IL]

Goodgood (int.) Roughly equivalent to "It's All Good" - often sarcastic, however. [Matamata College, Matamata, NZ]

Goon (verb) To fall or trip. [Kent State University, Kent, OH]

Gotta (adv.) Must. [West Miami Middle School, Miami, FL; and Da Bomb]

Green (adj.) 1. Class, phat, not wack (not bad). [University of Delaware, Newark, DE] 2. Messed up or not right. 3. Unfeeling, cruel. [University of Florida, Gainesville, FL; in Da Bomb click here.]

G-ride (ghetto-ride) (noun) A large, older model car decked with rims and bumpin’ bass. [Pine Bluff High School, Pine Bluff, AR]

Grift (verb) To freeload. [Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA; and UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA]

Grifter (noun) One who freeloads. [Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA; and UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA]

Grill (noun) Face; teeth and mouth. [University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX; and Da Bomb]

Gripa (adv.& adj.) Very; a lot of. [Merced, CA]

Grogan (noun) A bowel movement. [NYU, New York, NY]

Grub (verb) To kiss, pet, pet heavily; to make out. [Rhodes College, Memphis, TN; in Da Bomb click here.]

Grump (verb) To defecate. [University of California at Davis, Davis, CA]

Gruuvin’ (verb) Getting sexual. [University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA]

Gueri (noun) A lover of guys with mop heads. [University of California-Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA]

Hammered (adj.) Intoxicated. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY; and Da Bomb]

Hang out (verb) Relax (sometimes involving food, dance, parties. etc.) [Houston, TX; and in Da Bomb]

Hate (hate on) (verb) Tell on someone or try to sabotage something someone has going on. [Houston, TX]

Have/Got arms (verb) To hang; to party. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]

Head (noun) Oral sex on a guy. [University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC]

Headace (noun) Oral sex on a male. [Delaware State University, Dover DE]

Headphone (adj.) Dumb; stupid. [Houston, TX]

Heart of glass (noun) Someone who falls in and out of love (or like) too easily and usually ends up getting very hurt (re: the blondie song from the early 80's) [Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA]

Heather C. {likely to be offensive} (noun) A fat,ugly person who stutters. Usually this person would wear tapored jeans or stretch pants. A " heather c." has no friends or any sense of style at all what so ever. [University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI]

Hella 1. (adv.) Very; a lot; totally. [Clark University, Atlanta, GA; Sonora, CA; UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA; University of California at Davis, Davis, CA; and Da Bomb] 2. (adj.) Many. [UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA]

Hellabad (adj.) Really cool. [Newark, CA]

Hells (interjection) 1. Why not? 2. Sure. [Woodstock Academy, Woodstock, CN]

Helluvbad (adj.) Really cool. [Newark, CA]

Hellza (adv. & adj.) Very; a lot of. [Merced, CA]

Hemed up (adj.) 1. In trouble. 2. In disbelief. [Atlanta, GA]

Hexed (adj.) Exceedingly goofy. [Atlanta, Ga]

Hey ya seen any zeltoids? (s.) Got any weed? [North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, NC]

High (adj.) A state of very deep drug inducement. [UCLA, Westwood, CA]

Highside (verb) To show off; to flaunt; to act conceited. [Lamar University, Beaumont, TX]

Highsider (noun) A person who thinks that they are all that (Mainly because of some material status). [Lamar University, Beaumont, TX]

Hit (hit that) (verb) To have sex with. [Illinois State University, Bloomington, IL; in Da Bomb click here.]

Hit (one)/hit one on one's hip (verb) To call on a pager. [Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA; and Da Bomb]

Hizou (noun) House. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]

Hizzee (pronounced "hee-zeeA") (noun) 1. Hook (That party was off the hizzee!) 2. House. [University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley,CA]

Hobeast (noun and vocative) 1. A friendly insult, usually directed to a female. 2. A woman who is a step above a slut or bitch. (However, one may also be a virgin and a hobeast, that is, a slut wannabe.) [The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA]

Home skillet (noun) The head cheese; top dog; real cool hombre. [HACC, Lancaster, PA]

Homeslice (noun) A close friend. [FLCC, Candaguia, NY; West Virginia University, Morgantown, VA]

Hoochie 1. (noun) Whore, slut; female who sleeps around. 2. (vocative) Used with friends to replace someone's name. [Ohio University, Athens, OH] 3. (verb) Kissing or making out. [University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI; in Da Bomb click here.]

Hoodie (noun) Any type of hooded sweatshirt. [Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI]

Hoodie fem (noun) A female who is a straight up hood rat. [University of Nebraska-Omaha, Omaha, NE]

'Hood rat (noun) Similar to hoochie mama, but less promiscuous; sleeps around, but only with the homies from her own 'hood. [Advent (High) School, Bay Area, CA; in Da Bomb click here.]

Hoopdie (noun) A junk car. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY; in Da Bomb: Hooptie]

Hooyah (adj.?) A word used to express power of ones self. (I have hooyah powah!) [University of California-Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA]

Honeybunny (vocative) Replaces the name of someone dear. [Newark, CA]

Hose (verb) 1. To disrespect someone. [Fauquier County, VA] 2. To screw over or mistreat. 3. To give too much work to do. [MIT, Cambridge, MA]

Hot Boy/Fire Boy (noun) A male who is very fine and cute. [Southern University, New Orleans, LA]

Hot Carl (noun) An attractive male. [Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO]

Hotter than a horn toad in a microwave (phrase) Extremely hot. [East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN]

Hotty (noun) A very good looking person of the opposite sex. [Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA; and Da Bomb]

Hummer (noun) Oral sex performed on a male. [University of Delaware, Newark, DE]

Hunch (verb) To have sex. [Morris College, Sumter, SC]

Hynmally challanged (adj.) A virgin. [Univirsity of North Carolina--Greensbro, Greensbro, NC] (spelling as originally supplied)