English/Cockney Rhyming Slang Dictionary

Cockney English
Adam And Eve Believe
Alan Border Out of Order
Alan Whickers Knickers
All Time Loser Boozer
Almond Rocks Socks
Apple fritter Bitter
Apples and Pears Stairs
Archer 2000
Aris Arse
Aristotle Bottle
Artful Dodger Lodger
Arthur Bliss Piss
Arthur Scargill Gargle (drink)
Ball of Chalk Walk
Band of Hope Soap
Bangers and Mash Cash
Barclays Bank Wank
Barnet (Fair) Hair
Barry White Shite
Battle Cruiser Boozer (bar)
Bed & Breakfast 26
Bees and Honey Money
Ben Cartwright Shite
Big Dippers Slippers
Boat (Race) Face
Bob 1 Shilling (5 pence)
Bobby (Moore) Sure
Bobby Moore Score
Borassic Lint Skint
Bottle and Glass Arse
Bottle and Glass Class
Bottle of Glue 2
Bottle of porter Daughter
Bow and Arrow Barrow
Brad Pitt Shit
Brahms and Lizst Pissed
Bricks & Mortar Daughter
Bright and Breezy Easy
Bristols (Cities) Titties
Brixton Riot Diet
Brown Bread Dead
Bubble and Squeak Greek
Bugle Nose
Bugs Bunny Money
Burnt Cinder Window
Bushel and Peck Neck
Buster Keaton Meeting
Butcher's Hook Look
Cab rank Bank
Cain and Abel Table
Cambridge & Oxford Ugly Face
Carpet 3
Cat and Cages Wages
Century 100
Chalfonts (St. Giles) Piles
Chalk Farm Arm
Charlie (Chan) Tan
Charlie Nash Slash
Charlie Pride Ride
Charlie Ronce Ponce
Chas 'n' Dave Shave
Chicken and Rice Nice
China (Plate) Mate
Chipmunks Trunks
Chocolate (fudge) Judge
Christian Slater Later
Cilla (Black) Back
Claires (Raynor) Trainers
Cobbler's (Awls) Balls
Cock & Hen Ten
Cream cookies Bookies
Cream Crackered Knackered
Currant Bun Sun
Daisy Roots Boots
Dancing Fleas Keys
Danny La Rue Clue
Danny Marr Car (flash one)
David Gower Shower
Deep Sea Diver Fiver
Dicky (Dirt) Shirt
Dig the Grave Shave
Dixie Deans Jeans
Dog and Bone Phone
Donald Trump Dump
Doug McClure Whore
Douglas Hurd Turd
Drum and Fife Knife
Drummond & Roce Knife & Fork
Duchess of Fife Wife
Dudley Moore's Sores
Duke of Argyles Piles
Duke of Kent Rent
Dustbin Lid Kid
Eartha Kits Tits
Earwig Twig
Eddie Grundies Undies
Elephant & Castle Arse-hole
Elephant's Trunk Drunk
Elsie Tanner Spanner
Far East Priest
Farmer Giles Piles
Feathers 33
Flowery Dell Cell (prison)
Fore & Aft Daft
Forest (Gump) Dump
Fork and Knife Wife
Forsyte Saga Lager
Frank Bough Off
Frog and Toad Road
Garden Gate Mate
Gary Glitter Shitter (arse)
Geoff (Hurst) Thirst
George Raft Draught (Draft)
German bands Hands
Ginger Beer Queer
God Forbid Kid
Gold Watch Scotch
Goose's (Neck) Cheque
Grand 1000
Grass (in the Park) Nark
Gregory (Peck) Cheque
Gregory Peck Neck
Gypsy's Kiss Piss
Haddock & Bloater Motor
Half inch Pinch
Ham and Cheesy Easy
Hammer and Tack Back
Hampstead Heath Teeth
Hampton Wick Prick
Hank Marvin Starving
Harold Wilson's Stilsons (Pipe Wrenches)
Harry Dash Flash
Harry Lin Chin
Henry Moore Door
Highland Fling Ring
Hillman Hunters Punters
Holy Ghost Toast
Horse and Cart Fart
Horse and Cart Heart
Horse and Trap Crap
Hot Cross Bun Nun
How's your father? Lather
Ice-cream freezer Geezer
Irish Jig Wig
Iron Hoof Pouf
Ivory Band Hand
J. Arthur Rank Bank
Jack (Jones) Alone
Jack (Tar) Bar
Jack (the Ripper) Kipper
Jack and Jill Pill
Jack and Jill Pay the Bill
Jack and Jill Hill
Jack Jones Own
Jack 'n' Danny Fanny
Jack's (Alive) 5
Jam Jar Car (old one)
Jimmy (Riddle) Piddle
Joanna Piano
Joe (Baxi) Taxi
Joe Blake Steak
John Cleese Cheese
John Major Wager (bet)
John Skinner Dinner
Johnny Horner Corner
Kate Steak
Kate Mossed It Lost It
Ken Smee Pee
Kettle (on the hob) = fob Watch
Khyber (Pass) Arse
Kingdom Come Bum
Kuwaity Tanker Wanker
Lady Godiva Fiver
Lardy-dar Cigar
Laugh and Titter Bitter
Legs 11
Lemon and Lime Crime
Lemon Squeesy Easy
Leo Sayer All dayer
Lester Piggot Bigot
Lillian Gish Pish
Linen Draper Paper
Lionels (Blair) Flares
Loaf (of Bread) Head
Longers & Lingers Fingers
Loop the loop Soup
Lord Lovel Shovel
Love & Kisses Mrs.
Mae West Best
Master McGrath Bra
Merchant Banker Wanker
Merlyn Rees Peice (lunch)
metric miles Piles
Mincers (Mince Pies) Eyes
Moby Dick Sick
Monkey 500
Mork & Mindy Windy
Mother Hubbard Cupboard
Mozambique Keek
Mutt and Jeff Deaf
Mystic Meg Leg
Nails and Tacks Fax
Nanny Goat Coat
Nanny Goat Throat
Nanny Goat Boat
Nelson (Mandelas) Beers (Stellas)
Nervous Wreck Cheque
Niagra falls Balls
North and South Mouth
Nuremberg Trials Piles
Ocean Pearl Girl
Oily Rag Cigarette (fag)
Old Pot And Pan Husband
One Time Looker Hooker
Ones & Twos Shoes
Orchestra Stalls Balls
Oxford Scholar Dollar
Paraffin Lamp Tramp
Pat and Mick Sick
Pat Malone Alone
Paul McKenna Tenner
Peas in the pot (Peasy) Hot
Peckham Rye Tie
Peddle & Crank Wank
Pen And Ink Stink
Pete Tong Wrong
Peter Pan Tan
Pie and Mash Slash
Pig's Ear Beer
Pineapple Chapel
Pineapple Chunk Bunk
Pinky & Perky Turkey
Pittsburg Steelers Peelers (police)
Plates (of Meat) Feet
Plimsoll Mark Park
Pony 25
Pony and Trap Crap
Porky Pies Lies
Pot (of Glue) Clue
Prison Time Bird
Quid Pounds (currency)
Rabbit (& Pork) Talk
Raspberry (Ripple) Cripple
Raspberry Tart Fart
Razor Blazer
Rhythm and Blues Shoes
Richard The 3rd Turd
Roast Pork Fork
Rocking Horse Sauce
Rock'n'Roll Dole
Ronnie Barker Marker (pen)
Rory O'Moore Floor
Rosie Lee Tea
Round the Houses Trousers
Rub-A-Dub-Dub Pub
Ruby Murray Curry
Russel Harty Party
Santa's Grotto Blotto (drunk)
Saucepan Handle Candle
Saucepan Lid Kid
Sausage And Mash Cash
Schindler's List Pissed
Scooby (Do) Clue
Score 20
Scotches (Pegs) Legs
Septic (Tank) Yank
Sexton Blake Fake
Shake and Shiver River
Sherbet (Dab) Cab
Sherman Tank Yank
Skin And Blister Sister
Sky Rocket Pocket
Snout Cigarette
Sovs Pounds (currency)
Spanish Archer Elbow
Stoke on Trent Bent
Strange'n'Weird Beard
Strawberry Rhone Phone
Sweaty Sock Scot
Sydney Kidney
Syrup (of Fig) Wig
Taters (in the Mould) Cold
Tea Leaf Thief
Tea Leafing Thieving
This & That Cat
Thri'penny Bits Shits
Thri'penny Bits Tits
Tick-Tock Clock
Tin Bath Laugh
Tin of Fruit Suit
Tin Tack Sack
Tit For Tat (titfer) Hat
Todd Sloane Own
Tom and Dick Sick
Tom Dick Sick
Tom Foolery Jewellery
Tom Tit Shit
Tommy Tucker Supper
Ton 100
Tony Slattery Battery
Top Hat Chat
Trouble and Strife Wife
Tumble down the sink Drink
Turkish (Bath) Laugh
Turkish Delight Shite
Turtle doves Gloves
Twist and Twirl Girl
Two & Eight State
Two Fat Ladies 88
Two Little Ducks 22
Uncle Ted Bed
Vera Lynn Gin
Veras (Vera Lynn) Skins (Cigarette papers)
Von Trappe Crap
Wallace and Grommit Vomit
Weasel & Stoat Coat
Weeping Willow Pillow
Whistle and Flute Suit
White Mice Ice
Widow Twanky Hanky
Wobbly Jelly Telly
Wooden Plank Yank
You Must Crust