an insight into australian slang

Auzzie urbane myth

The kentucky fried rat is a more general urban myth but The head being bounced on the roof of the car story is a fair dinkum urbane myth.

Barry Humphries-isms

Barry Humphries, the australian comedian who's characters 'Dame' Edna Everidge, and 'Sir' Les Patterson have contributed more to humour (australian and british humour anyway) than any other comedian alive. The book 'The Travellers Tool' by Sir Les Patterson is alive with overblown eupemisms. Expressions like 'Lonely as a bastard on father's day' and 'shift yer freckle' are prime examples of his work. The beauty of these charming little parodies on Australian slang is that they have actually worked their way into general conversation. Can't keep a good idea down.

Paul Hogan-isms

Where would we be without Paul Hogan. For a start we probably wouldn't smoke as many ciggarettes as we do and we'd probably have a better reputation abroad. But we'd also never have that legend of the guy who painted the sydney harbour bridge over and over again - (I mean physically you know, like up on scaffolding with a shit load of gray paint) becoming australia's best know comedian. We'd probably never have heard of Delvine Delaney or Strop either without him.

Norman Gunston

We'd never have the expression to 'Bung on a whammy' either without Garry McDonald, aka Norman Gunston.

Roy & HG-isms

I don't know that much about Roy, but I do know that HG's dad has been hanging out with my Grandmother for more years than I can remember. Gordan, HG's dad's real name was the first person to ever hire me to do anything. I helped him build a fence for the glorious sum of $5 per hour. (Ahh memories of Hahndorf). Well that's my claim to fame in australia anyway.

Roy and HG are a pair of Auzzie blokes who don't mind following on with the Barry Humpheries tradition of over-occering everything and throwing in a ton of vaguely homo-erotic content (not poofs, just mates etc). They are single handedly responsible for the perpetuation of such expressions as 'The wedding tackle', 'Bed flute', 'Horisontal folk dancing', 'Caper', cries of 'Barra' for no reason

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