Aussie slang and phrase dictionary


she'll be Apples! everything will be okay

Arse over tit or tip fall over

get your Arse into gear someone is asking you to get moving

Arse about face something is back to front

Ankle biter young child

Ant's pants height of fashion OR high opinion of themselves

Aussie some one from Australia a Australian

Ay ? didn't catch what someone has said, or pardon me

this Arvo this afternoon

Aggro some who is aggravated, upset about something

Av-a-go-yer-mug someone is not trying hard enough in their sport, and you want them to (this is yelled to give them a bit of a push a long)

Anyhow mate! a saying used to change the subject when talking (usually when they bored with what you are saying)

Apricots a man's testicles(reproductive glands)

Ace excellent

Alf stupid person

Amber fluid beer

Apple eaters someone who lives in the state of Tasmania (apple growing state)

Arvo afternoon

Awning over the toy shop male beer belly

Agots man's testicles

AV jennings marriage meaning your first marriage (AV Jennings is a builder in Australia

specializing in building houses for young married)

Aerial ping pong Aussie rules football

your Acres male testicles

All the go something is right with it, popular

that place is a Arm pit it stinks, it terrible



Barbie or B.B.Q barbecue cooking outdoors

Bananas someone going crazy with anger

Banana bender some who lives in the state of Queensland,

No We Don't Spend Our Time Bending Bananas (Queensland is the Banana growing state)

Basket case someone on the edge of mental collapse

Better half your wife or husband

Bloke Australian male

true Blue something that is real Australian

having a Blue having a fight or argument

that's Bang on it's hit the target right in the middle, OR it's right, or correct

give it a Bash you will try something you are not sure of

you're Battler you work hard to earn a living

mow the Brigalo suckers shave the beard

Blowing your dough spending all your money

you"re a Bow wow you are really ugly

what is this? Bush week? you tell someone something is not true

Bull dust a lie

Breakky first meal of the day

you little Beauty, that's Beaut excited approval, something has gone really well

Big note yourself to say you are better or more important than you are

Bottoms up drinking the whole glass of something all at once (usually beer)

your old Bag, the old Bag a term for a woman, usually the wife, the mother inlaw, or such

Bagged someone critised or put someone down

a terrible Balls up terrible mistake, every things gone all wrong

the Back of Beyond far out bush as you can get, right out outback of Australia

past the Black stump the same as back of beyond

Blow through leave in a hurry

Blow in stranger in town

Bloody oath I do "yes" you really, really do approve of what's someone is saying

Bob's your uncle you just understood something that at first you did not not understand

hit in the Breadbasket they hit you in the stomach

put the billy on putting water on to boil, usually camping out to make a cup of tea

he bolted he left very quick

over with Bar flies you going over to talk to the old men who drink and talk in the front bar of a pub(hotel) from when they open to when they closes(they sit on a beer for hours)

Bonzer there mate! that's great friend

Boomer kangaroo

Booze, Boozer alcohol, pub or hotel OR a person who is a heavy drinker

got no Brass you got no money

Blue Heeler police

Barrack to spur you team, or sport on

Billabong a waterhole

Blowies blow flies

Buckley's chance no chance at all(Buckleys &nunn)

off to the Bog to leave an offering off to the toilet to leave a deposit

Banged up pregnant

Beak your nose

give someone a Bell ring them on the phone

Blimey you are surprised by something

you little Bottler delight, something as gone the way you want

ya bloods worth Bottling! someone has done something good for you, you make this statement

go for a Bo-peep a sly look at something

Bunghole your mouth

Bum your arse end(bottom) or someone down on their luck and living on the street

give it a "Butchers" you will look into it (rhymes with butcher's hook)

Built like a brick shit house you are saying something or someone is of very strong construction (usually outside tiolets are made of wood)

old Batalax or Battle-Axe wife OR mother-inlaw

Brass razoo no money

he's a Broken packet of biscuits his life looks good on the outside, but his a mess on the inside

chock a Brown dog OR kick a Brown dog you are going to get your tension out (figuratively NO you don't chock or kick a brown dog)

going to have a Bex you are going to settle your self down from some sort of stress (figuratively not taking a Bex which is a drug) usually a cup a tea, a cry and a good lie down

Bugalugs a freindly endearment

Beating around the bush not getting to the point on a subject

Bluey a nickname for someone with red hair

gidday you old Bastard a term of endearment

Back of Bourke the middle of nowhere

Bail out you leave

Bail up hold up OR rob OR earbash

have a Barney fight or scuffle OR argument or tiff

Bathers swimming costume (VIC. & SA)

Belt up! you are asked stop talking ,be quite, in a angry way

Berko angry in a unreasonible way

Block your head

do your Block you are angry or loose your temper

go to the Block go to your vacant piece of land

Booze bus Police van used for randon breath testing for alcohol

have a feed of Bug (Moreton Bay Bug) small crab

Bullamanka imaginary place in the far outback, as far as you can go in the outback

Bunyip mythical spirit creature from outback

give it a Burl give something a try, that you have not done before

Bushbash go off road in a vehicle, forcing your way through untouched bush

it's BYO bring your own(alcohol to a restaurant, OR meat to a barbecue)

Billy cart a go-kart of a kids (childs) construction

not doing Bugger all you doing absolutely nothing

Bush telegraph the town gossip network

Bludger someone who fails to do anything at all they are asked (lazy)

Bludge to do nothing at all

what a Bummer you're been let down by something

Boogie Board half-sized surf board

ugly as a box of Blowflies that's real ugly

Brown-eye to show ones bottom, mooning

Bung to put (bung another snag on the barbie mate!)

Brown-eye to show ones bottom, mooning

give it a Burl give some thing a try, that you have not done before

Bullamanka imaginary place in the outback, beyond any where

Bickie a dollar

Beanie ski hat

going Berko gone mad, looks like going mad

it's a Bomb it's cool or it' a old car

Bindie-eye a grassy nettle

go to Buggery ask to leave or keep your nose out-in a very nasty way

Biscuit cookie

on the Blower telephone

Bugger me dead! extremely shocked at something

Bugger off? they are telling you to go, in a not very nice way

Brumby wild horse

Bum nuts eggs

doing your Block you are getting very angry, loosing your head

town Bike Woman of loose morals, sleeps around

Bush pig an un-attractive woman

I'm Busy as a one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest your doing nothing

Burr up get angry

a Bruce a man

my Bad my mistake

Back hander a bribe

out in the Back Blocks beyond suburbia and the more established farm and cattle property

Belly flop diving incorrecty into water with the stomach breaking the water

to put the Bite on someone to ask them for money

even Blind freddy could see that what someone would say to you, if you are not understanding something think is obvious

Beaten by a blow shearer slang, running shears from one end of sheep to the other

Buddy Bundaberg rum

Brickies cleavage top of the buttocks exposed

Bolt errect penis

Bullshit! said when someone makes a incorrect statement or you may think so

Boofhead friendly team to greet someone not to smart

Blotto someone being drunk

Bite your Bum go away or be quiet

Butcher 285ml beer in South Australia

going like a Blue ass fly doing something very fast

better then a poke in the eye with a Blunt stick something is sorter OK

Bog going to the toilet or having a shit



Chippie carpenter

Chook a chicken, rooster or hen

it's Chock a block or Chocker's full to the point you can fill no more or crowded to over flowing

Chinnwag having a good chat

someone Carked it they've died

somethings Cactus It's died

Can it tell someone to stop it or shut up

you Choof off You go now

Cheerio saying goodbye

something is a Cock up its gone all wrong

Cock and bull something it a lie (cock and bull story)

Codswallop cods-swal-lop a lot nonsense or a lie

Croweater someone who lives in the state of South Australia, the states outback has a lot of crows

Cockroachsomeone who lives in the state of new south wales, don,t ask why

Creamed someone or term as beaten someone else or term by a huge margen

go and have a Cuppa have cup of tea or coffee

give someone a bit of Curry give someone a hard time of it

off to the Crapper you off to the tiolet

that's a load of old Crap (load of old shit) a lie

Cripes !! I,ve stepped in something you in extreme discomfort

stop the Crap! stop what you are doing or saying its not right

you will be waiting till the Cows come home you be waiting all day

Clod hoppers your feet

I'll go and have a Captain Cook you'll go and have a look at something

Chew the fat have a good talk together

put on your Cossie put on your clothing

Cockie farmer

a Cockie cockroach

ga day Cobber welcome close freind

got no Coin got no money

Chunder vomit

get them to Come across try to get someone over to your way of thinking

Cakehole your mouth

Clanger someone tell a real big lie OR a shock

Cri-key ! surprise at something

Cunning as a shithouse rat someone is very cunning and under handed

may your Chooks turn into emus and kick your shithouse down - statement you can make when, you're not very happy with what someone has done to you

Corroboree aboriginal festival dance

Cruddy something of low quality

Curly nickname for a bald person

Camp oven Large cast iron pot with a lid, for cooking on a open fire

Clobber Clothes

Chuck throw something OR vomit

Compo Compenation (Worker's Compenation)

Cooee call for greeting someone at a distance in the bush

Cozzie swimming costume (NSW)

Crook ill OR something that is not functioning

Cut lunch sandwiches

Chalkie teacher

Crack onto to make a pass at/chat up

Cop it sweet to get what's coming to you, with out try to get back at them

Cow-tow bow and scrape to someone

Carpetbagger steak beef stuff with oysters

Claytons something of questionable intergrety, a fake

Conk to hit someone

Cleanskin unbranded cattle OR not a criminal

to make a Crust to earn a living, work for wages

you're a Candy you're sweet

not worth a Crumpet something is worthless

you need to take a Cut lunch where you going is a long walk

Cheese & kisses the missus, you wife

Crockery teeth

Cherio cocktail sausage

Catch me fuck me Rugby League football

Cod's male testicles

Clocked someone you're hit someone

mad as a Cut snake someone very upset, that could do anything

Coldie a cold beer

feeling Crook not feeling well

Call it a day to finnish what you have been doing for the day

Cheeky someone who is having fun with you and teasing you in a fun way

Cooee someone calling out so that the voice will travel over a distance

things are Crock in musselbrook thing are not going to well for you, not going right

Cackyhander left handed person

Cushie to have it easy

Couch potato person watching to much TV and doing nothing else

another nail in the Coffin you are smoking another cigarette

Christmas grip someone has hold of your testicles

Cobber good friend

China old friend

Chocker a block something is full

going to the Can going to ther tiolet

Can it be quiet or stop it

Cupper-nuser have another cup of tea

Chrissie Christmas



going to the Dunny off to the toilet

Dinki-di something good from a Australia OR originating from downunder

going to your Dig is going to your home the place you live

you are a Dingo you are cunning bad person

you are a Dobber the person has told someone else what you've been up to

you are Drover's dog you no good, you a useless, you are of no importance

Donger a mans penis

if you are a Drip you are someone with no personality, no character, boring

spending all your Doe spending all your money

up the Duff pregnant

you are a Dag you say they are the shit that hangs the wool on the rear end of a sleep OR a freindly endearment(the trick is knowing which one they mean, check to see if they a smiling)

OR to describe unfashionable way of dressing

Daggy something that looks very bad

Dropped your guts you have farted

its a Done Deal its something finnished or completed

Dilly-bag food bag or small bag to carry things

haven't seen you in Donkey's years you haven't seen someone in a real long time

Drink with the flies to drink alone

your Dial your face

Deadset without a doubt

Dead cert absolute certainly

Dill someone that is not to smart

Do-dar or Doo-dah something or item you do not know the name of is a do-dar

Dead marine empty beer bottle

see you a Divvy see you in a very sort time

Dropped your bundle you lost control of the situation, and finding it hard to get it sorted out ,finding it hard to cope with things(Bundle a load you carry)

Drop of the perch glass of beer

Dunlop cheque cheque that bounced(the bank bid not except, return to you) rubber

Damp squib someone who is not thinking to well, a bit of a dub (squib was a small firecracker, a damp squib is one that doesn't go off) so I guess they saying your not firing to well

Dry as a dead dingo's donger drought OR very dry climate(who ever started this one,had a strange pass time)

noisy as a Dunny door in a storm something or someone making a continues noise

Digger Australian soldier

Dunny budgie a fly

Dodgy something suspicious and underhanded is going on

Doesn't know if it's pitt street or christmas to be confused (a country bloke confused at all the lights of Sydney's Pitt Street

he's got the Darling pea behave strangely, OR insane (it's a plant that causes some strange behavior mainly in animals that eat it)

you Drongo! idiot, someone that is stupid

Dud-dropper one who sells cheap stuff as good stuff, implying that it's cheap because it fell off the back of a truck. stolen

Dudder con-man, won't pay bill's

I've been Dudded! someone's conned you, cheated you

Damper flour and water bread mix cooked in the coals of a camp fire

Dijeridu Aboriginal wind musical instrument

Divvy van Police divisional van

Donk car or boat engine or motor bike

Dork fool or idiot

Dover a bush knife

Dog and bone telephone

Dead horse tomato sauce

Docket a bill, receipt

Durry cigarette

Dingbat someone who is a fool or acting foolist

here's the Deal prepare yourself to hear some important facts

Dog's Breakfast a mess or messy

who cut the dog in half? someone has farted

Dacks trousers or shorts

Doona like a quilt, used instead of blankets (containing feathers and down)

Dust Devilwind whirly or dust twister

Dogs eyemeat pie

Dilly Dally someone that taking there time to go someone where

Duck's Dinner drinking with nothing to eat

get the Drum on that get the truth on that

Durry cigarette

Dosh money

the Ducks guts some things really great (don't ask me why)

Dutch courage having a few (alcohol) drinks before doing something or

going somewhere to give you courage



getting a good Earbashing someone talking to you a long time

Elbow grease working hard (digging etc)

I could Eat a horse, and chase the jockey you are very very hungry

Esky large insulated box which you put ice bricks in, to keep food and drink cold(beer)

Evo evening

the day the Eagle shits pay day

phone is Engaged phone is busy



Face fungus man's beard, hair on the face

Five finger discount shoplifting

Fibber someone who tell lies

Funny farm mental institution

Full as a boot drunk

Flat chat or Flat out going very fast what ever they're doing

Fat chance someone has little to no chance of something happening

Fair dinkum someone really genuine

Fair enough OK you are right, I agree about something

Fag a cigarette

go to the Flicks you off to the cinema

Flaked out laid down for a rest or fell down from over doing it

Flaming thing or Flaming good time extra bad or extra good

you are a Fruit cake you are mentally unstable

Fella person or a male(whitefella or blackfella are not to be used as they reckon its racist, I've never heard it used this way in either way, only when one race wanted to get to know the other in a friendly way, any way don't use it) and no I,m not racist, I have more respect for their culture than my own, yes I'm a whitefella. (old fella) a man's penis

Fossicking hunting for gemstones etc(usually opals or sapphires)

you Front someone you asked them what they're hiding

Fair crack of the whip! give me a fair go

Floater meat pie floating in thick pea soup (South Australia) sounds bad but it's great on a cold night

give it the Flick you throw it away

I suppose it was Fred nerk I suppose it was someone imaginary

Fair-go Mate! statement you make when someone is not letting you do or say something

Fair suck of the sav statement you make when someone is not letting you do or say something

Flash as a rat with a gold tooth dressed and groomed nicely

like a Fish on a hock you are really caught on something OR caught by something OR into something

Fanny females private part

Footy Ozzie Rules Football

Footbrawl northerners term for Ozzie Rules Football

Flake Shark meat, used in Fish and Chip shops

in Full Feather in real good health

Fair crack of the whip said when someone has done or said something wrong or not correct, or going to.(to let them know, you know)

Fart-arse around you not getting on with the job at hand, and doing other things

Fair suck of the sav giving someone an equal chance (sav is a savaloy a type of sausage)

Fitz a large sausage used for cutting into slices for sandwiches or to eat with salad(SA)

Flake shark meat, used in fish and chip shops

Fruiterer one who sells fruit and vegetables

Full as a Fairy's phone book something that is not at all empty

Fridee Friday

Frocks older ladies Dresses

Flasher pervs who expose their private parts in public

Flat out like a lizard drinking doing something very fast

Flog to sell something

Full of it someone who loves themself and speaking absolute rubbish

Full of shit speaking absolute rubbish

Fairy Floss cotton candy

Freshie freshwater crocodile

Franger condom

Flicks movie or picture theatre

old Fart someone a little old then yourself

you're a Fruit cake they are saying you are mental or seem to be



you are a Galah loud, rudely behaved person

Ga day or G 'day a freindly welcome (same as hello or hi)

Gasbag talking alot

what's your Game what are you up to, something going on that is wrong

Good oh okay

Guffing off someone who is lazy

Grizzle complaining person

down the Gurgler down the plug hole, something has failed

I need to Go ! you want to go to the tiolet

Gone round the bend gone crazy or mental

you dirty Grub dirty eater or dirty child

go eat some Grub go eat some food

the Good oil on it is to tell the truth on something

Ga darn or G'darn surprise at something

Gibber a large rock or a desert

Grazier sheep or cattle farmer (usually in a big way)

Grouse something is great,terrific

Goog a egg (he's got a big goog on is head) he's a bump on the head as big as a egg

full as a Goog drunk or eaten to the excess

you are a Grot you are very dirty or untidy

you've got a Gy-mpy leg you leg is not working, its damaged

Good on ya Mate! you are happy with what they are doing

Gew-gaw ! showy, gaudy but cheap & useless(shock at the gaudy cheapness)

you're Game if you have a go at something others think or find difficult, they say you"re Game or brave

have a Gander have a look

Garbo Garbage collector

Give it away give up on something

Grog alcohol

that's Grouse something is very good

Gutzer or Gutsa to fall over and hurt yourself or plan that does not work out

it's a Goer someting that will definitely occur, that you have been trying to make happen

hop into the Grub start eating food

Good as Gold! something is great

it's a Goer something that will definitely occur

have a Gander have a look around at something

come off the Grass!! do you think I'm stupid or gullible

Going like hot cakes something selling or given away very fast

Gregory peck your neck

Gone to the dogs something or someplace, is no longer any good

Green around the Gills your are feeling queezy or sick

what a Goose! Someone that is not to smart, silly

Gumsucker someone who lives in the state of Victoria

down the Gurgler down the plughole

spill your Guts confess to something

Grid a cattle grate over a road

he's a Gun at something he's the best at something

Goer something that works well

Garbo refuse collector

Gromies young surfs

Give way yield(driving on the road) (not slang)



a Hoon a show-off with limited intelligence

Humpy bush dwelling of cheap construction

Howzat ? asking someone how something is

Humping something heavy caring something heavy usually very hard or having sex

Hardcase someone with closed mind, but they might not think so

Haggle you try to talk the price down

Happy as larry you extremely over joyed (no it was before my day)

Hit the Hay OR Hit the sack go to bed to sleep

Hair of the dog strong alcohol

put Hairs on ya chest someone that if you eat this or drink this you will become a man

Holy-dooly an expression of surprise

Hang out spending time out, usually with friends

Hit your kick open your wallet

Hot under the collar to get angry

Hoo-roo saying goodbye to someone

Happy as a pig in mud very happy

Handles like a dog on lono your car or what ever handles very badly

Happy as a bastard on father's day unhappy, depressed

Half your luck! congratulation in a envios way

Hang on a tick wait for minute

Heart starter having a alcoholic drink usually early in the morning

Heave Ho get rid of something

I've been Had you've been tricked or created

going on Holls going on holidays

Hollow leg's someone who will not stop eating



Ivories your teeth (to tickle ivories) to play the piano

something is bit Iffy its risky or suspect

you give me the Irrits they're extremely irritating

Idiot box television set

Illywhacker a stick for smacking a child with(not allowed to do anymore) I guess it makes you ill, when you get hit. (not something I enjoyed as a kid)

you give me Irrits you are very irritating

Iffy something is questionable

Interesting !!!! used when someone asks how something looks or tastes and it is terrible



see you in a Jiffy they see you in a short time

any old Joe blow will tell you any one you don't even know will tell you (someone you do not know the name of)

I will Job you! I will hit you or punch you

had to use the Jerry its a pot under the bed if you need to go in the middle of the night

the thing is Jigged its broken or no long useful

I will fix your Jack and Jill I will pay your bill, usually in a restaurant

Just down the road someone says this, ask for more details because this could be 100

yards to a 1000 miles away

Jocks male underpants

Jumper usually a woolen a sweater

Jumbuck sheep

Journo journalist

Jaked broken

Jack of that you a feed up with something

down the John off to the tiolet

Jackaroo or Jillaroo trainee male or female Cattle Station hand

bye Jingos! exclamation of wonder

Jack-in-the-box someone who can not sit still

Joe Bloggs you are refering to the average citizen

Jaffle toasted sandwich (toasty toast)

Jack Dancer Cancer

Joe Blake a snake

Jarmies Pyjamas, bed clothes

Joker a male person, that you are unsure about



I going for a Kip short rest or sleep or nap

Knock shop a house of prostitution

she Knocked me back she didn't want to have sex with you

she's Knocked up she is pregnant

I Knocked off work time to go home from work

Knock something you criticise it

Knock-off a counterfeit product

get Knotted! is a angry way of say go now

you Kick the bucket you are dead

pack your Kit pack up all your belongings or your possessions

Kiwi someone who live in New Zealand (New Zealander)

you Know! mostly used by people who do not know what they are talking about, and hope you do (habit phrase some aussies use on the end of a sentence)

you must have Kangaroos loose in the top paddock you going a little crazy

Kafuffle argument Or a disturbance

Keen as mustard enthusiastic about something

Knackers male testicles

Knickers female underwear

what do you Know? someone is try to open a discussion with you, in a friendly way

Kindy kindergarden

Kark to die

Kangaroo court people judging you in what they think you are doing wrong

cunning Kick hiding money from the wife

Kick in contribute money to something

Kick put money a side for later

Kafuffle a disturbance of somekind



Lav or Lavvy outdoor tiolet

take a Leak go to the tiolet

Lippie lipstick

Liquid amber Beer

Lashing out going on a spending spree

hit my Lolly or do your Lolly hit your head or shouting and raving in a angry way (loosing you head)

ga day Luv substitute for the womans name in a freindly way

use your Loaf use your head, think about it

help you get a Leg up someone is going to help you get started at something (usually when you are new to something)

Lob-in on someone your've visited someone unnounced

Lights on but there's no one home someone not to smart

as Long as a month of sundays a very long time (28 - 31 weeks)

a Lemon something that is faulty OR broken OR bad OR useless (that you are stuck with)OR a lesbian

you Leading me up the garden path someone is try to deceive you, but you are not waking up to it

Laughing gear your mouth

how Long is a piece of string? this statement is said when someone ask you when something will be finnished, and it's one of those jobs that is finished when it's finnished(can not determine a time)

Lame-brained someone that is stupid

Lolly money

on a good Lurk on to a good thing or job

Lag Inform, dob

Lamingtons sponge cakes coated in chocolate and coconut grated(genuine aussie cake

Lollywater soft drink

Lady muck a woman who puts on airs of a grand lady, usually badly(stuck up)

Lady blamey a beer glass made from the bottom half of a beer bottle

Long drink of water someone who is tall

Long neck large bottle of beer

Lie doggo hide away, to get out of something

Lag on someone inform on someone

Lolly's candy

Lolly money

Lugs ears

Lift Elevator (not slang)



Mate friend

Matilda your sleeping bag or bed roll for camping out

Milk bar the corner shop that sells all sorts(mainly food)

Missus your wife

Mozzie mosquito

Mystery bag sausage (never know what the butcher put in it)

Mug your face

you are a Mug you are a fool

Mad as a cut snake you gone crazy

gone up the Mulger gone bush, gone to the country not touched by man

Mollydooker a left hander

Moosh your mouth

I was just Mucking around you where playing around in a way that others generally don't like

More of them, then you can poke a stick at a lot of something

you look like a stunned Mullet dazed OR you mind is off thinking about something else

Manchester household linen

Middy or Middie 285 ml beer glass (NSW)

Mob group of people or things, not necessarily unruly

things are crook in Musclebrook times are bad (theres no such place as Musclebrook)

I have been told that Musclebrook does really exist, founded in 1833 named because of the shellfish,

renamed Muswellbrook(NSW) in 1839.

Min Min mysterious lights at night in the outback

plates of Meat your feet

Mundee Monday

Mutt dog that is a bitser

away with the Pixies day dreaming

Muff female private part

Mexican someone from the State of Victoria

Mackers Mc Donald's



you got a good Nick you got a good name

you're in the Nick you are naked

you're in the Nuddy you are naked

Nick off go now, get lost

Nick steal something

something in good Nick something in good shape and condition

Nickers females underpants

I'm Nackered absolutely exhausted or very tied

Nockers women's breasts

Narkie short tempered

gone out to the Never Never gone out in to the bush, usually off the beaten track,

gone off in our native country sides not developed by man

No-hoper someone who is hopeless

Nana banana

Nacked annoyed

Neddie a horse

Nulla-nulla wooden club used by Aborigines (made from very heavy and hard wood called Blackbut)

Not until the other shoe drops have thought about (what ever) but I will need to think or decide about it somemore

Nuggets man's testicles

Nappy diaper (not slang)

it's on the Nose someething stinks

Noggin head or brains

Naughty sexual intercourse

Noah's ark a shark

Nong idiot

Not backward in coming forward someone is pushy about doing something, eager to do something

Never Never mythical place in the outback



Ocker Aussie that likes beer, sport and women and uncultured

good On ya mate well done there mate

Ooroo goodbye

Oz Australia

Outback remote part of Australia

Once over giving something the look over or checking it out

One armed bandit poker machine (sad to say the arm is being replaced by a button)

bun in the Oven pregnant

Off the beaten Track on a road not used very much, to no road at all or in a remote part of Australia

Off like a brides nightie leave very quickly OR a stinks

Oldies parents

Off like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun leaving very quickly

Off-sider assistant or partner

Oy! a Aussie bush call

Ow-yar-goin how are you going?

Overlander driving sheep or cattle overlong distance in the outback

Out house tiolet (coming from the old days when a tiolet was down the backyard

Old's parents



Prang automotive crash

Pull your head in mate tell them to mind their own business

Put up or shut up show you can do it or say it or keep quite

you are Raw Prawn you are easy to deceive

Postie Postman, mail delivery person

you Pong you smell or have a unpleasant odour

Pissed as a parrot drunk

Pissed off you are angry or unhappy with something

Perk at work something good your employer supplies for nothing as a part of your job(and the taxman wants apart of)

Playing Pussum you are hiding yourself or try to keep something from someone

Pot hole hole in the road

Prawn shrimp (that's right we don't put a shrimp on the barbie, that's just advising to con you in to come here, no Aussie but hogan has ever said it)

Pull the belt in stop spending money

Pull your socks up get you life in orderOR your act together

Pub hotel, place for buying and drinking alcohol

Plonk real cheap alcohol

Prezzies gifts

the Pot calling the kettle black someone said something adverse about you and you reply with this slang phrase (which says that they are the same or worse then thier adverse statement)

Pigs bum that's wrong, or incorrect

Pussy domestic cat OR a females private part

I'll put the cowsout on the long Paddock you putting cows out on the road

Pally on friendly terms with someone

Pearl excellent

Pester annoy or bother someone

Piffle nonsense

Pinch to arrest

it Pivot's on to consider

Poddy dodger cattle rustler

Possie advantageous position, in good spot

Pot 285 ml glass of beer (VIC & Qld)

you feel like a Pork chop in a Jewish Synogogue you feel out of it, in what ever situation

pack of Poo tickets toilet paper

talking on the Porcelain telephone vomiting into a toilet (driving the Porcelain bus)

Piker someone who does not want to do, what the rest of the group want to do

Pash or Pashing kissing and cuddling

Paw-paw Queensland papaya fruit (tropical)

Paper yabber letter

Push-bike Bicycle

as Proud as a rat with a gold tooth someone is very proud with how they look or something have done

Pommy or Pom english person

Pat-malone you are on your own, alone

Puffed you are out of breath

your Plate of meat your feet

Pie floater a meat pie floating in pea soup(mash), usually with lots of sauce (traditional aussie tucker)

Playing Pussum pretending you are doing something, when you are not. usually pretending to sleep, when you are not.

away with the Pixies day dreaming

Piss and wind futile excercise

Piddle urinate

Piece of Piss something is easy

don't Piss in my Pocket someone telling you their troubles, that you are not interested

Pocket billiards male with in hand in his pocket adjusting genertals

Pussyfoot to move on doing something to cautiously

Pull your head in mind yor own business in a angry way

alot on the Plate you have a lot to do



Quid money

Quack doctor

not the full Quid short on brains



Rip off you been cheated

it's a Ripsnorter something is really great

I been doing a Roaring trade you been doing a lot of bussiness

Righto okay or that's right

Ridgie didge true or genuine article

Rellie relative or family

it's a Ripper it's really great

Ringin replacement for the real thing, imposter

Reckon you are right believe or think you're right

Raining cats'n'dogs heavy storm & rain

smells Ripe smells off or bad

Rack off go now, in an angry way, get lost

Rapt overjoyed

Root sex

Rafferty's Rules every thing is a mess and mixed up, done all wrong, with no rules at all

you got the Rough end of the pineapple you got a bad deal or you bad end of something, the deal

the Rag newspaper OR a women who sleeps around

you'd have to Run around in a the shower to get wet you are very thin

Ringer fast sheep shearer

Road train multi-trailered semi truck

Rooted very tired

Ropable very ill tempered or angry

RS lousy (rat shit)

Rug up dress warmly

Rack off you are asked to leave, in a angry way

Ratbag not a nice person

Racing off sex with someone else's wife or husband

putting the Red steer into the paddock burning off the paddock, putting fire to the paddock

don't come the Raw prawn don't tell me that lie or don't be act stupid

Rug Rat baby

wouldn't it Rot your socks! expression of disgust

Ring anus

Rip snorter something is great

Rubber eraser

Ripe something has gone off or someone is off (not very nice)



Sanger or Sanga Sandwich

Sandgroper someone who lives a the state of Western Australia (very sandy state)

you've been Sacked you been fired from work

Scone your head

great Australian Salute swatting flies

Short and curlies pubic hair


when someone states they (got you by the short and curlies) you're and a bad position

going for a Slash a man is going to urinate

up the Spout pregnant

Stone the crows! Shock at something

Smoko have a break, and usually having something to eat and drink, and have a cigarette if you are allowed to, usually this get you a spot out side near the rubbish bin at work

you Scrub-up well you are now dressed, hair done nice, you look good, where you didn't


She,ll be right! this means everything at all will be good or OK or all right

no Sweat no worries

I'll Sort it you'll fix it what ever it is

I don't give a Stuff you don't care about something

my Shout buying friends alcohol (usually beers) at a pub (then its their turn to buy you one,

one sure way to get drunk, especialy if there is enough of you)

Strewth shock at something

good Sport someone who is good about loosing

a Shark used car salesman

you look pretty Swank you look dressed expensive, dressed well etc

something looks Swank something looks expensive

cheap Skate someone will not spend money or tight wad

Sit on a beer take a long time to drink a beer

Spunky someone is sexy

Stickybeak someone can not mind their own business( nosy)

a Spark electrician

a Sheila a woman (not used any more other then some old timers)

Snag sausage (put a snags on the barbie) now that's what Aussie really do say(no bl...y shrimp)

Spud a potato

your've been Sprung you been caught doing something they should not, busted

Shack a simple dwelling or house

Silly Season Christmas holiday's

Slippery-dip kids slide

Stick in the mud someone is stopping you from doing something, you say this statement

Spit the dummie you gettiing or got very up set at something

Snakey someone is very up set or angry

Show you the ropes show you how to do a job

call a Spade a Spade telling something like is, not saying something good if its not , or bad

if its good

you Scrubber you're of poor quality and don't keep yourself clean

Scubber a farm animal gone bush

taking a Sickie taking time off work , with the reason of sickness, but you are well, and just going fishing or something you do in good health(its become quintiscential thing that makes us Aussie)

Stubby small bottle of beer OR a pair of mens shorts

Scallops fried potato cakes (Qld), Shellfish (elsewhere)

School group of drinkers, each of whom buys a round

Schooner large beer glass (NSW & SA)

See you in the Soup see you around

Shellacking complete defeat

Shivoo rowdy party

Shonky unreliable a very suspect deal

Shoot through to leave in a hurry

Shove off! go away, said in a angry way

Shirty to get upset or angry

Skite to boast or brag about ones personal accomplishments

Slog hard work

what a Spunk (Spunky) good-looking, attractive

Square off to apologise

Squatter someone who live on someone else's land or house with out permission

Stinger Box Jellyfish

Strine alot of Aussie slang said at once

Swag canvas bag or cover that you keep all your belonging and bedroll in, to protect it from the weather when camping out

Slow as a wet weekend you doing something very slowly, and they trying to get you moving on it at a faster pace

Sausage Short of the barbecue short of brains (a Snag Short of a barbie)

Stroppy someone in a bad mood, and being difficult

Strides trousers

Shark biscuit new surfers

to Scrounge to get something for free

to Scrounge around to furious look for something

Shag Sex with someone

Speedo's bather's

Slugo's mens bather's (speedo's)

Scungies bather's

dick Stickers bather's

Stuffed very tired

Scarce as hen's teeth something extremely rare

Square off get ready for a fight

Square up apologise or make good

he had to run around in the Shower to get wet someone is very skinny

a Septic tank American (not nice)

Seppo American

a Shag on a rock a lone and stuck away from others

pull up Stumps moving home, changing address

Shank's pony going some where by foot

Squib out you are backing out of something, chickening out

wouldn't Shout in a shark attack will not take is turn buying the drinks in a bar, will not shout is turn

Short arms long pockets someone will not part with is money

have a Squiz at have a look at something

Satdee Saturday

Sundee Sunday

Slats window slats or roofing slats (tiles)

Sandshoes joggers, sneakers, trainers

Snapping log crocodile

Sheila a young woman

you a big Sook! your are very sensitive, and upset over nothing

a Slab pack of 24 cans of beer

well Stacked large breasted women

Sloppy joe a cotton sweater

Servo service station for cars

Spun out or Spin me out surprised and amazed

Spewin or Spewing being sick or being very disappointed at something

Suck it and See going to try do something that you think is going to be troubles but may not be

Spit the dummy loosing your temper

Stuck around someone is staying somewhere (hanging around)

Suss it out check something out

gone for a Slash a male urinating

lower than a Snake's armpit someone very underhanded

Saltie saltwater crocodile

Stormstick umbrella

Scarce as rocking horse shit something very rare

Schnozz nose

out of the Sack get up from bed

Singlet under shirt or tanktop

Stirrer someone who causes trouble

Stunded mullet to describe some who does not seem to be with it



he's got Tickets on himself this person thinks they are the greatest, highly self opinionated

hang on a Tick wait a short moment

Thunder box toilet

Ta or Tar thanks

Tucker food

Tuckshop Aussie schools call a canteen or cafateria or eatery

Tuckerbag a bag for storing food in the bush

Tinnie can of cold beer or a aluminum boat

crack a Tinnie open a can of cold beer

a couple of Tinnies short of a slab someone a bit simple minded, or mentally impaired

Turn it up stop what your say or doing as its not right

you Tight wad you don't want to part with your money

make Tracks you want to get going somewhere

Thongs sandals made from rubber

True blue really Australian

Thingo something you don't know the name of is a thingo

to Talk the leg off an iron pot someone with the gift of the gab (someone who talks


going Twenty to the dozen moving or doing something very fast, or to fast

Thugby southerners term for Rugby League Football

Tea evening meal

Tee up organise or arrang something

Too right! something is absolutely right & correct

Two-up traditional Australian heads or tails gambling game with two coins

Taswegain someone who lives in the state of Tasmania

Top-ender someone who lives in the Northern Territory

Thing-a-ma-jigger term you use when you can't actually remember the name of something

Thing-eme-bob term you use when you can't actually remember the name of something

Tides gone out your glass is not full

Tightarse someone who will not part with is money, shout a drink in a bar, etc

Tuesdee Tuesday

Thursdee Thursday

bush Telly looking up at the stars

Toey someone very nervous

Tallie 750ml large bottle of beer

Twenty to the dozen doing something very quickly



Up yourself full of yourself

Underdaks or undees underpants

Um-ah indecisive or can be doing something wrong

Uee or Uwe doing a U turn

someone got Up your nose they've really upset you and irritated and annoying you

Uni University

Ute utility (in the USA a pickup truck)

Up the gumtree someone that got them self in a spot of trouble, in a quandary

get the frog untied to depart or leave, hit the road

Up shit creek things are going wrong for you



Vegies vegetables

Verbal diarrhoea talking utter rubbish

you must have been Vaccinated with a gramophone needle! old slang phrase for talking to much



Wanker a male that is really stupid but they think they are the greatest

Walkover something is done easily or some one deceived easily

I got the Wog I got a cold or the flue or virus

Whip around collecting money for a gift for someone leaving work

car is a Write off the car can not get fixed after a crash (totalled)

You had a great Wing-ding you had a great party or get together or sometimes can mean an argument

something is Wobbly its shaky

chucked a Wobbly you told a story that doesn't sound quite true, OR throwing a tantrum (inWA)

Gone for a Walkabout you gone for a long walk, for a aboriginal it a holiday away in the bush, period of spiritual enlightenment.

I put a bit of Woffle dust on it if you are playing card or dice and you are looking for bit of luck say you,re put a little Woffle dust on it, theres no such thing and you don,t actually put any dust on your cards or dice, it's just slang for luck.

What's that!! you didn't catch what someone was saying, and you want them to say it again.

Wowser killjoy or prude, old fashioned

White pointer highway patrol

White pointers lady sunbaking topless

Wag skip school, truency

Wonky something is unstable or unsteady or shaky

put the Wind up ya! frighten someone OR to intimidate

Who-ha someone is making a fuss about something, usually nothin important

go down the Waterhole off to the hotel or pub

Wally someone who keeps making mistakes

Waffle nonesense

on the Wallaby track to go from place to place in search of work

Weatherboard wooden house

the Wet rainy season in Northern Australia

Wharfie dockworker

Winge complain and carry on unnecessarily

Willy-nilly something kept in a untidy way

Woomera stick used by Aborigines to throw spears

Wedding tackle man's penis

Willy man's penis

Willy Willywind whirly or dust twister

it will all come out in the Wash something will sort it's self over time

how's ya Warwick farms? How are your arms

Walking ticket layed off from your job

Woop woop somewhere a long way from civilization

give it a Whirl to try doing something, by giving it your best

on a good Wicket on to a good thing life OR earning a good income

you're Wombat! you are not too smart, a dope

putting on the Wobbly boot you're drunk, you have had to much to drink (alcohol)

backroom Waltz discipline dished out at the Police Station

Wouldn't be dead for quids you're very happy and well

Wrapped excited about something good that has happened

Waterhole pub or hotel

Watering the horse going to urinate

no Worries mate! don't worry about it, everything is fine(Australian Attitude)

could get out of a Wet paperbag someone is not to strong or smart

have a Winfield wait a minute or two, for something to happen or someone to get back to you. Other words have a cigarette and by the time you finnished the time will be up (Winfield is a type of cigarette)



x it out cross it out or erase something



hard Yakka hard work

tell you a Yarn tell a story that maybe true or it might not be, that's for them to work out

Yapping talking none stop

Yahoo loudmouthed person which usually out of control in some way

Yobbo same as a yahoo but no values at all, looks like a slob always

see you Yewse latter see you you all latter

Yabbie freshwater Australian crayfish

Ya tellin me someone said something you agree with, you say thatis

Yank American

Yacking talking a lot

your Yanking my chain or don't Yank my chain your telling a lie

Yarn Someone telling a fictional story

Yonks a long period of time



catch some ZZZ's go for a sleep

Zonked really really tied

Zebra crossing broad striped paint lines as a pedestrain crossing of a roadway

Zits acne

Zack was a sixpence which is now a five cents